Mayor Minna Arve participated at the 2019 UN Climate Change Conference held in Madrid between the 2nd and the 13th of December 2019. She took part in several panel discussions and spoke on several occasions where she emphasized the role of the city districts and regional organisations as part of the common actions against the climate change.

– Reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement depends mostly on the actions of the cities, urban areas and local operators. The goals cannot be reached without our commitment and cooperation, Arve stressed in her speech.

At the same time, Arve brought up the major climate measures that the cities had already undertaken and challenged the states committed to the UN and Paris Agreement to increase the importance of the cities in the cooperation.

– I brought for the UN a message from 160 cities taking part in the ICLEI network concerning their commitment to carbon neutrality before the year 2050. I told about the goal of the City of Turku to become carbon neutral until 2029 and challenged the governments to take the cities along in the preparation of the goals for the next UN Climate Change Conference - COP26 - in order to achieve more ambitious and influential climate measures, tells Arve.

Mayor Minna Arve and Development Manager Risto Veivo of the City of Turku spoke in the Climate Change Conference also in several panel discussions which treated the role of urban areas and regional cooperation in the climate issues and stressed the importance of the circular economy.

– The solutions made in the Turku region related to the circular economy manifest how the regional cooperation helps to attain carbon neutral goals and creates new business opportunities for the companies. The solutions of the circular economy of the City of Turku are for example linked with reducing emissions in heating and in traffic. They also deal with the energy efficiency and the stocks of energy, states Arve.

The main goal of the climate plan of the City of Turku is to attain carbon neutrality by 2029 and to make the region of Turku climate-positive after that.