An international idea competition will be organised for the Linnanniemi area between the 9 January and the 21 April 2020. The goal of the open competition is to find options for developing the area surrounding Turku Castle and the western bank of the estuary of the Aura River for the comprehensive development of the Linnanniemi area.

Launching the Competition Programme

  • The competition programme will be announced on the competition website on 9 January 2020.
  • There will be an open competition seminar held at the Bryggman Hall of Turku Castle on 22 January 2020 from 9.30 am until 12 noon.
  • The competition will be organised by the City of Turku in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) and the Finnish association of Landscape Architects (MARK).

The unique history and the maritime nature of Linnanniemi area are important features in the construction and planning of urban public spaces. The future area of Linnanniemi will be a centre of year-round urban culture where you can simultaneously experience the history, the sea and the most beautiful archipelago in the world.

- I wish that the competition will give us as versatile range of options as possible for the future area. It will be easy to get wide-ranging discussion with the city residents on the base of the options, says Timo Hintsanen, Director of Urban Planning, City of Turku, describing the goals of the idea competition.

Realising the Linnanniemi area as a city oasis like has been planned adds the attractiveness of the City of Turku and of its seaside areas for the inhabitants, companies and tourists. Turku Castle, the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre and the future Museum of History and the Future have a central role in the development of the area.

The Turku City Board decided on organizing an idea competition for the Linnanniemi area on 19 December 2019. The City Board had decided earlier in May about establishing the History Museum in the area. There is a joint terminal area of the Ferry Terminal Turku located in the immediate vicinity of the Linnanniemi area. The urban planning of the Ferry Terminal Turku begun in June 2019. Its needs will be taken into consideration as a basis for the land use planning of the Linnanniemi area.

Unique location deserves unique realisation

In the evaluation, the attention will be paid among others to the high quality in terms of the cityscape and the architecture and to the functional versatility of the competition entries. The entry is supposed to take the principles of sustainable development into account and it is supposed to be feasible in the techno-economical terms.

A competition jury composed of 11 members has been appointed for evaluating the competition entries. The competition entries will be set publicly visible for the comments of the city residents.

The goals for developing the Linnanniemi area which were presented to the City Board are based on the contents of the city strategy and the spearhead project ’Development of the city centre’ and on the wide-spread dialogue with the operators, interest groups and city residents.