On 2 March, the health stations of Turku will begin using a single phone number to make appointments, which currently serves as the phone number of the city centre health station (+358 (0)2 266 1130).

Joint appointment booking number +358 (0)2 266 1130

  • The office hours remain the same as before (Mon 7:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m. and Tue–Fri 8 a.m.–3 p.m.)
  • Bulletins are released in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English
  • Approximately 320,000 calls are processed every year
  • Calls are handled by 25 nurses every day

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The appointment booking numbers of Kirkkotie, Mäntymäki, Runosmäki, Varissuo health stations, the Mäntymäki health station for Swedish-speakers and the Maaria and Mullintie local service points will also be taken out of use. The appointment booking number of Pansio’s outsourced health station will remain in use (+358 (0)2 266 1031).

The SMS service for people with a hearing or speech impairment will also begin using a single telephone number, which is the current SMS service number of the city centre health station, +358 (0)45 739 65882.

“We selected the telephone number of the city centre health station as the common number as it is the current number of our largest station and already known by approximately 70,000 people,” says Senior Nurse Jaana Piispanen.

All calls to Turku health stations will now be processed in a single location

“All calls made to Turku health stations will be placed in a single queue, and these calls will be answered by 25 nurses on a daily basis. The nurses of our health stations will be tasked with answering these calls 1–3 days per week. The purpose of this change is to make our telephone service more efficient and accessible,” says Piispanen.

Customers can select their preferred health station in advance if they want a nurse from that particular health station to call them back.

The joint appointment booking number helps accomplish a variety of goals. Its purpose is to make contacts between health stations and the residents of Turku as well as various partners easier and faster and to offer a more balanced quality of service, regardless of the resident’s location. From now on, customers do not need to know which is their local health station when they want to make an appointment. Future goals include transferring the symptom evaluation forms filled in by customers in the Omaolo service directly to the appointment booking service queue.

The appointment booking number of dental clinics located at various health stations will remain in use (+358 (0)2 266 0644).