This survey will help us assess the level of digital skills in Finland, define digital service needs and find out what kind of help users may need. We would like everyone to respond.

The Digital Skills Survey:

You can complete the survey even if you do not use smart devices or access digital services personally. And we hope to get responses from many different types of digital service users, from beginners to advanced. 

The survey is part of the national coordination of digital support, which is financed by the Ministry of Finance and carried out by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The purpose of digital support is to ensure that all citizens have the right digital skills and that they can get help flexibly, in a way that suits them. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is responsible for the national development of digital support. This first national digital skills survey will give us important information that can support the development of digital support and services. 

The survey is conducted by the Ministry of Finance together with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. KPMG is responsible for the technical implementation. 
All responses are kept confidential and anonymous. Data on individual respondents cannot be identified from the aggregate data.