All sports sites of the City of Turku will be closed until 13 May to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Outdoor sports facilities are going to be reopened on 14 May. The decision on indoor sports facilities will be made later.

Information about the coronavirus and the preventive measures in Turku:

The closure of sports facilities until 13 May applies to City of Turku sports facilities such as swimming centres, gyms, courts and fields for games and frisbee golf. City of Turku outdoor sports facilities will be opened on Thursday 14 May, apart from outdoor swimming stadiums, beaches and grass fields, which will be opened in accordance with the normal seasonal schedule.  Separate decisions will be made on opening municipal outdoor swimming stadiums, swimming centres, indoor sports facilities, ball game hall, indoor ice rinks and changing rooms located at outdoor sports facilities. The decision on starting guided exercise will also be made later. Decisions are made in accordance with Government policies and progression of the coronavirus epidemic. For more information, read the news article published on 5 May.

The Sports Services' customer service at Veritas Stadium is closed between 18 March and 31 May. You can contact customer service by e-mail

Also all of the City of Turku Sports Services’ own group exercise activities are cancelled for the time being. For information about compensations read the news article published on 14 April

Restrictions on the number of persons must be respected

City of Turku outdoor sports facilities are out of use until 13 May and swimming centres and indoor sports facilities are out of use for the time being. City of Turku Sports Services are asking users to follow rules in all activities involving adults, adolescents and children alike. Gathering in ball game halls, gymnasiums and swimming centres is forbidden even in small groups. Gathering at outdoor courts and fields (including frisbee golf tracks) is allowed from 14 May onwards as long as restrictions on number of people are respected.

Exercise stairs, fitness trails and nature trails as well as gym equipment next to them have been open throughout spring but safety distances and Government policies on gatherings need to be taken into consideration when using them. It is wise to clean equipment before use and keep safe gloves on during exercise for safety’s sake. To minimise the risk of contagion, too many people cannot exercise in the same places at the same time.

The closure of sports facilities from 18 March onwards is based on Government policies that limit public gathering to 10 persons and recommend avoiding spending time at public places. From 1 June onwards, the restriction on gathering will be eased and the allowed number of people gathering will be 50 instead of the current 10. This restriction will also be applied at outdoor sports facilities. These measures are taken to prevent the spreading of infection caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) and the harm it causes to persons and society.

The news text has been updated 11 May 2020.