In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading the welfare division of Turku is making several changes to their services. All changes are gathered in this piece of news. (Updated on 27 April 2020)

Child Welfare Clinics offer limited services

All check ups and controls of children over 1 year will be cancelled in all child welfare clinics until 30 June 2020. The appointments that have already been booked will be postponed. New appointments are not given.

Vaccinations that are given children at certain stage will still be given. You can book at time via the maternity clinic telephone service.

All babies and preganant mothers from the closed clinics will be moved to clinics that are still open. The clinics that are now closed will remain so at least until 30 June.

From Thursday 23 April onwards, customers with symptoms of respiratory tract infection will be guided to the Kustavintie maternity clinic. You can book an appointment by calling +358 2 266 2223.

Closed Maternity Clinics:

  • Lauste
  • Luolavuori
  • Mulli
  • Paattinen
  • Torin Kulma
  • Ypsilon

Open Maternity Clinics

Open Maternity Clinics offer limited services. At the moment their services are offered only to pregnant mothers and newborn babies before their first appointment to maternity care clinic.

Open Maternity Clinics from 17 March:

  • Mondays 9.15–11 Brahe Maternity Clinic
  • Wednesdays 9.15–11 Kirkkotie Maternity Clinic
  • Fridays 9.15–11 Varissuo Maternity Clinic

All the changes in opening times concerning maternity clinics, telephone services and booking services will be announced on Facebook page Turun neuvolat (in Finnish).

Child Upbringing and Family Counselling Clinic

Due to the corona epidemic, you should not come to the clinic if you or your child is ill.

Due to the virus, waiting times to access our service are also longer.

The Contraception Clinic

The focus is on urgent issues. Customers will be informed about potential cancellations of appointments. The service number for booking appointments is open as normal.

Family Guidance Ceases House Calls - Services are Available by Phone

Maternity clinics' family guidance services will start to operate by phone instead of making house calls starting from 18 March 2020. You can reach the family councellor by telephone: 040 480 2247, hours of operation are Mon-Fri at klo 8-10.

Visiting Limitations in the Turku City Hospital, Kaskenlinna Hospital and in the Housing Services in Turku

We are compelled to limit visits in the hospitals, in the units of the Housing Services and in other units of the Welfare Division in order to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus infection.

Centers for the elderly, Turku City Hospital and welfare centers

Centers for the elderly, Turku City Hospital and welfare centers will not provide meals for visitors coming from outside. 

Possibilities for meal services in following units are limited:

  • Runosmäki
  • Mäntyrinne
  • Kerttuli
  • Liinahaka
  • Portsakoti
  • Mäntymäki hospital restaurant

Welfare centers in Ruusukortteli and Lehmusvalkama (does not apply to residents) and service point Poiju are closed until further notice.

Closed units:

  • Ruusukortteli welfare center
  • Lehmusvalkama welfare center
  • Service Point Poiju

Customers who need delivered meal services should contact support unit p. 050 373 1037 (mon-fri at 9-12).
Packed meals will be delivered to meal service customers who live in welfare centers.

At Ruusukortteli and Lehmusvalkama welfare centres as well as the elderly housing units, the market days have been cancelled for the time being.

Information will be posted on the web pages of the wellfare centres and the elderly housing units when market days are arranged again.

Temporary care for the elderly has been ceased

Temporary services for the elderly living at home have been ceased for the time being starting from 15 March 2020. All reserved appointments have been cancelled, and the patients have been discharged.

Temporary care for the severely disabled has been ceased

Temporary care for the severely disabled in Koskikoti has been ceased for the time being.

Support for dependant care and social work for the elderly can be reached by phone

Home calls for dependant care have been ceased for the time being. Service is available by phone: 02 262 6777.

Also, house calls of social work for the elderly have been ceased for the time being. Social workers will assist you through phone (information in Finnish).

Oral Health Care

Since 19 March, non-urgent oral and dental health services such as oral examinations, patching up tooth and tartar removal will be run down for the time being. Since Monday 16 March, it hasn’t been possible to book an appointment for non-urgent oral health care.

Most of the non-urgent appointments will be cancelled by sending a text message and a small part of the appointments will be agreed directly with the client. Emergency duty of the oral health care will continue to serve you.

More information:

School and student health care services during the Coronavirus epidemic

The nurses and doctors of the school and student health care services will partly be transfered to support the operation of the health centres starting from 18 March 2020.

Already scheduled appointments to nurses and doctors will be cancelled for the time being until 30 April 2020. Appointments to psychiatric nurses will remain valid for the time being.

In the case pupils and students experience respiratory symptoms, please be in contact by phone to the coronavirus councelling number of the school and student health care services: 02 266 2012. The service operates Mon-Fri at 8-15.

In the future, news about the services of school and student health care will be communicated through website and Wilma.

Read more from the news article

Urgent Care during Weekends Also at Mäntymäki Health Care Station

All urgent situations can be treated at Mäntymäki Health Care Station apart from patients who have symptoms of respiratory infection. Services are only available by appointment and appointments during the weekend are scheduled by telephone (tel. +358 2 266 1130) on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 12am. The healthcare personnel will evaluate the need for treatment. Appointments are available on both days from 10am to 5pm. Coronavirus testing is not available.

Read more from the news article.

Contraception Clinic continues with reduced operations

Operations focus on managing urgent assignments. Customers are informed if appointments are cancelled. Telephone service for appointments is open as usual.

Social services units of Perno and Varissuo have been closed

Social services units of Perno and Varissuo have been closed for the time being. You can reach social services councelling by phone: 02 262 5001.

Group activities of social rehabilitation

Group activities of social rehabilitation (Kelkka activities) have been ceased for the time being.

Family counselling centres

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, you must not attend consultations if you yourself are sick or if you have a sick child with you.

Due to Corona, the waiting period for the services will also become longer.

Medical rehabilitation

Medical rehabilitation services is running down all non-urgent appointments. Therefore no new appointments are made for the time being.

Rehabilitation center in Kaskenlinna has stopped all operations on 17 March

Patients will be contacted about the situation by telephone.

Memory rehabilitation and rehabilitating day operations will be closed

Day operations of rehabilitation as well as memory rehabilitation has stopped on 17 March for the time being.

In Turku, memory rehabilitation is organised together with rehabilitating day operations in Luolavuorentie, in Päiväpaikka Tammikoti, in Päiväpaikka Villa by Kotikunnas and in Päiväpaikka Solrosen.

Sauna service and shopping help "kaupparinki" is closed from Wed 18 March.

All actions and limitations are precautions to prevent coronavirus from spreading any more.

Wellbeing groups at health stations

All groups for the spring 2020 have been cancelled.

Turku Region Interpretation Centre (Linnankatu 23) is closed for customers for the time being

Service for private persons is ceased for the time being until 31 May 2020 at the Turku Region Interpretation Centre's facilities (Linnankatu 23).

Private customers can receive service by:

Turku Region Interpretation Centre recommends that all new interpretation reservations are ordered as interpretation via phone or interpretation via conference calls from 1 April onwards.

If you are ordering interpretation, you can find instructions for conference calls in the blog link below. Please note that the text is in Finnish.

Neuvottelupuhelulla viranomainen voi hoitaa tulkattua asiakastapaamista myös etätyössä.

The phone number of service counselling for veterans and disabled war veterans has changed.

Hereafter, please contact the number +358 40 536 9261 in all matters.

Services for the disabled

Koskikoti that provides short term care for disabled people has been closed. Additionally also activity centres in Katariina and Oriketo as well as Päiväkeskus Kirjo are closed.

Closed units:

  • Koskikoti
  • Katariina activity center
  • Oriketo activity center
  • Päiväkeskus Kirjo

Activity centres Toivola ja Pormestari are still open for the time being. This is to ensure parents' possibilities to work. Also independently living customers guidance is now ensured.

Päivä- ja työtoiminta vammaisille (in Finnish)
Lyhytaikaishoitoa vammaisille henkilöille (in Finnish)