The Finnish Government informed yesterday to continue the restrictions until 13 May 2020. The restrictions will also be prolonged with one month in the operations of the City of Turku.

The prolongment of the restrictions influences all the operations of the City of Turku, mostly the operations of the Education Division and the services of the Recreation Division. Special attention will be paid now to the quick coordination of the services for the most disadvantaged groups and especially to the psychosocial support. The City of Turku has already arranged food deliveries, customer guidance over the phone as well as online therapy free of charge.

– We do our utmost to prevent that nobody is left alone or outside of the services of the city. The cooperation with the local associations has been going well. I also want to express my warm thanks to everybody who have made efforts in the prevention and care during the outbreak of the coronavirus infection or helped those who suffer of the exceptional situation, says Minna Arve, Mayor of the City of Turku.

There Are Various Kinds of Support Available

The organisation of the food deliveries of the City of Turku and Operaatio ruokakassi for the disadvantaged has started at a fast pace and the first 130 bags of groceries will be delivered today. The telephone service has been occasionally overcrowded during the first days. The service has been developed with the help of artificial intelligence, for example, in order to get the help directed to its destination in a timely and efficient manner.

Those city residents who lack groceries can contact our telephone service 02 262 6164 on weekdays (from Monday to Friday) between 9 am and 3 pm. Please tell in the phone that you want to get a bag of groceries and give your contact information in order to get the food delivery in Turku.

You cannot impact the contents of the bag of groceries. We try to deliver the bag of groceries as soon as possible however at the earliest on the next day after you have contacted us. The bags of groceries will be delivered on weekdays (from Monday to Friday) between noon and 5 pm.

The City Turku has made an agreement with the A-klinikka about online therapy. The needs for the temporary accommodation of the homeless for the cases of isolation and quarantine have been considered in the Services for the Families with Children and in the Social Services.

There is guidance and counselling available for the elderly people in the following telephone numbers:

  • Service in Finnish, tel. 02 262 6164 from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • Service in Swedish, tel. 02 262 6174 from 9 am to noon.

Many people have problems in living through the exceptional circumstances. The psychosocial services of the City of Turku offer mental support over the phone to the anxiety and worries related to the outbreak of the coronavirus infection. There are two telephone numbers available on weekdays (from Monday to Friday) between 8:30 am and 3.30 pm.

  • Tel. 040 619 4361 mental support for the adults (Unit of the Psychologists) 
  • Tel. 040 193 7247 families with children (Family Counselling) 

Distance Teaching and the Service of the Take-Away School Meals Will Continue

The distant teaching will continue in the schools and institutions in the City of Turku until 13 May. The City of Turku is prepared to arrange the teaching online for the whole spring season. However, according to the policy made on 20 March, there is contact teaching arranged for those pupils in grades 1-3 with special needs, for those pupils who have received a decision of special support and for those pupils in extended compulsory education. 

– According to the latest guidelines, the pre-primary education will be included in the contact teaching. The teachers contact the pupils in order to inform about the matter very soon, tells Tommi Tuominen, the Service Area Director of the Basic Education. 

The possibility to get a school meal as a take-away service continues for all pupils of the basic education. Participation in school meals or picking up a meal from the school requires pre-registration for distance learning students.

– We could expect in the Education Division that the Finnish Government continues the restrictive measures. The new practices have been adopted mainly well in the institutions and day care centres. At the same time, we are preparing to continue the same practises until the end of the schoolyear, tells Vesa Kulmala, Service Area Director and the Deputy Director of the Education Division.

– The matriculation examination went well despite the exceptional arrangements, tells Esko Heikkonen, Service Area Director of the Upper Secondary Education.

It won't cause problems for anyone's graduation that the contact teaching is not organised. The certificates will be sent by mail but unfortunately, the closing ceremonies in the school buildings and venues have been cancelled. We have plans to postpone the parties for the matriculation exams to next autumn. 

The Facilities for the Recreation and Leisure Time Will Stay Closed

There are considerable effects also on the Recreation Division. The museums of the Museum Centre of the City of Turku will stay closed until 13 May 2020 and all the guided tours, special events, workshops and courses have been cancelled until the end of May. Libraries, sport facilities and the units of the Youth Services will also stay closed until 13 May 2020. Furthermore, the concerts of the spring term of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and other events at the Turku Concert Hall have been cancelled. 

– It is important to take care of the physical condition, exercising and keeping up a positive mood through various means is important in any case but especially in the exceptional circumstances, says Minna Sartes, Director of the Recreation Division.

There are plenty of digital services provided at the Recreation Division, both online and via the telephone. You can find the services in the following address