After easing of corona restrictions, the Youth Services offer e.g. new kinds of open youth facility activities between 1 June and 31 July. In addition, the most successful e-services initiated during the spring will continue.

(Updated on 26 May 2020)

Open youth facility activities are organised both at facilities and nearby areas, making use of sports sites and other recreational areas that are popular among adolescents. In addition, other communal activities suggested by adolescents will be organised if possible.

Further information:  New kinds of activities offered for adolescents

Vimma Art and Activity Centre for Youth

Between 2 June and 17 June, only glazing of works is organised at the Vimma pottery workshop and complete works can be picked up. All other courses, workshops, game activities and instructor-led activities are cancelled for the time being.

The customer service points of Vimma and Youth Services and the Vimma café are closed.

Further information: Summer at Vimma (in Finnish)

Adventure Park Seikkailupuisto

Up-to-date information about summer season activities at Adventure Park Seikkailupuisto can be found on the website of Seikkailupuisto.

E-services continue

Over the spring, the Youth Services developed several e-services for children, families and adolescents. The most successful services will continue alongside other services, if possible.

E-services offered for adolescents include game activities, music, crafts and content on the social channels of youth facilities and Vimma Art and Activity Centre for Youth as well as help and advice.

The City of Turku Youth Services also participate in the operating of the national online youth centre Netari and the Sekasin chat service provided by Mieli Mental Health Finland.

Changes in activities may occur depending on circumstances in society.

Up-to-date coronavirus guidelines are followed in all activities.

This piece of news will be updated when more details are available.