Turku hopes to cheer up city residents and honour those in care work and other critical work by lighting up the Library Bridge crossing the river Aura in different ways each night.

The bridge will be lit up every Saturday for all working heroes who take care of us now during exceptional circumstances. 

The idea for lighting up different targets in the city in blue originally came from London where the London Eye, situated on the bank of river Thames, is being lit up. The City of Helsinki lights up the facade of Finlandia Hall in blue on Saturdays.

As the City of Turku has lit up the Library Bridge before based on wishes of common-good organizations and the City’s own needs, the Library Bridge will be lit up in colours of different countries and nationalities from week 15 onwards. Moreover, lighting in the colours of different flags during the corona epidemic has been requested through the City of Turku feedback service.

–The flag colours also honour the battle of other European countries against coronavirus. The first country we selected was our sister nation Estonia, says Director of Communications Saara Malila

Apart from Saturdays, the bridge will be lit up in the flag colours of the following countries and nationalities: Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sami, Italy, Spanish, Greece, Germany and France. The colours of these flags have already been installed in the bridge during previous lightings and therefore, they will not cause any extra costs for the city.