Due to excessive amount of reservations, we advice you to consider not making new reservations to material that's on shelf. You'll also get the item quicker by collecting it from the library shelf yourself once the libraries are opened again. We have also had to completely prevent reserving some material in our collection. You may still make reservations to items that are on order or lent out.

While the libraries have been closed, we have received thousands of reservations on material that's available on shelf. Until now, we have collected reservations from the shelves, but the amount of reservations has climbed so high that we don't have the resources to handle them all. In addition, some libraries no longer have staff to handle the reservations, and there's no room to hold the reserved material.

You may still make reservations to items that are on order or lent out. The status is visible when you're making a new reservation on the web library.

Once the libraries are opened again, it'll take several weeks to handle and transport thousands of reservations. Because of this, all reservations are not collectable immediately. Instead of making a reservation, it's better to collect the material on shelf from the library yourself. Please remember to cancel any reservation you don't need anymore. We kindly ask you for your patience in this matter.

Make use of your own lists of favourites

Did you know that it is possible to save items to your own list of favourites and find them there later? It's easy to save items that cannot be reserved at the moment by creating lists on the web library. Click here for more information on favourite lists.