The state of emergency caused by coronavirus has brought new challenges to the everyday life of Turku residents. On this page, you can find information about what to do if you need help – or want to help.

Up-to-date information on corona:


Support through conversation and chat services online

Mieli – crisis helpline of Mental Health Finland

  • Crisis helpline, open 24/7, tel. +358 9 2525 0111
  • Service in Swedish at Kristelefon, tel. +358 9 2525 0112 
    Mon, Wed 4 pm-8 pm and Tue, Thu, Fri 9 am-1 pm
  • Service in English and Arabic, tel. +358 9 2525 0113
    Mon, Tue 11 am-3 pm; Wednesday 1 pm-4 pm and 5 pm-9 pm; Thu 10 am-3 pm

Tukinet helps in different crisis situations in life around the clock.

Support offered by the church

Furlough, unemployment or disrupted payment of salary

Many Finns will experience significant worry over work or money if they become unemployed or furloughed due to limitations caused by coronavirus. Therefore, we have put together instructions to give or pass on to those who become unemployed or furloughed or whose employer disrupts the payment of salary.

Further information: TE services

Social assistance

Further information: Social assistance (

Financial and debt counselling

Financial and debt counselling services offered by legal aid offices are intended for private individuals and for self-employed persons and entrepreneurs engaged in small-scale business activities. The services are provided free of charge.

Financial and debt counselling is available regardless of corona on weekdays from 8 am to 4:15 pm. Financial and debt counsellors serve new customers on weekdays from 10 am to 11 am, tel. +358 29 566 0430. Counselling is also available through chat on weekdays between 10 am and noon by logging in on Chat service in English is available on Wednesdays between 10 am and noon.

Further information: Southwest Finland Legal Aid Office

Support and information for businesses and associations

Coronavirus has significant economic effects on the City of Turku, business in the area and third sector actors. The City of Turku wishes to support and relieve the acute financial situation of businesses and associations through its own actions..

Further information:

Food aid for the economically disadvantaged

The food aid service by the City of Turku and Operaatio Ruokakassi set up for the duration of the strictest restrictions ends on 22 May 2020. Food aid services maintained by organisations closed during restrictions are gradually restarting. Organisations continue to offer food aid as before, taking into account safety distances and gathering restrictions. In addition to organisations, food aid is also offered e.g. through the social work of the Turku and Kaarina Parish Union.

Further information: Food Aid in Turku Offered by Organisations and Parishes

Help with substance abuse and addiction problems

Treatment and counselling for substance abuse is available also during exceptional circumstances. Detoxification treatment is accessible as normal and treatment for substance abuse is offered via remote contact. Also new customers will receive help rapidly. If you have any worries about your alcohol consumption, don’t hesitate to get help. 

The national substance abuse helpline is open 24/7 and you can call free of charge. You can access treatment for substance abuse by booking an appointment at your own health station or with your own social worker. You will have help with mapping out your use of intoxicants and accessing treatment for substance abuse. Alternatively, you can also seek help at A-Clinic Turku.

Ehyt ry substance abuse helpline +358 800 900 45

The national substance abuse helpline is free of charge and is open 24/7. You can call anonymously and the conversation is confidential.

Further information:

The Hospital District of Southwest Finland emergency services for mental illness and addiction problems treat patients who have an acute mental health crisis or a crisis situation related to substance abuse. The unit operates in connection with the joint emergency services and the service is also accessed through the joint emergency services. 

Further information: Emergency services for mental illness and addiction problems

•    Free of charge for Turku residents, you can call directly and book an appointment
•    Appointments, guidance and counselling Mon-Fri 8 am-6 pm, tel. +358 10 506 5550
•    Further information:

Help in cases of domestic violence and violence in close relationships

In situations involving violence, getting immediate help is crucial. Social emergency services and Turku Mother and Child Home and Shelter are available 24/7. Both women and men can seek help at the shelter in situations where they are not safe at home. Help is also available at Online Shelter and the Nollanlinja telephone service. In case of emergency, call 112.

In urgent cases, you can contact social emergency services, tel. +358 2 262 6003. Open 24/7.

Turku Mother and Child Home and Shelter (Turun ensi- ja turvakoti) offers shelter 24/7 to both women and men at times when they cannot stay at home.  Tel. + 358 2 513 4100.

Further information: Turun ensi- ja turvakoti (in Finnish)

Nollalinja helps anyone who has experienced physical, mental or sexual abuse or threat of violence in a close relationship. Tel. +358 80 005 005.

Further information: 

Online Shelter (Nettiturvakoti) offers e.g. guidance via chat and advice on how to seek help. 

Further information: 

Would you like to help? Volunteer through Finnish Red Cross

During the state of emergency caused by coronavirus, the Finnish Red Cross (SPR in Finnish) is monitoring the need for help in Turku area, contacting volunteers when necessary. The implementation or content of tasks is not yet certain, but Finnish Red Cross is prepared to help e.g. with food deliveries and sorting and packing of aid supplies upon the request from authorities. If you would like to join, you can volunteer through the Finnish Red Cross.

Further information: 

Events, things to do and ideas for free time online

Tips for exercise, recordings of concerts, theatre and other events are available online. People of all ages can access virtual events from home.