The state of emergency caused by corona epidemic may increase use of substances and domestic violence. The City of Turku is now enhancing preventive support and substance abuse services.

Problems with substance abuse can be treated with online therapy. Mental support and counselling are available for both substance abusers and their family and loved ones. There is also help available for domestic violence.

The exceptional circumstances caused by the corona epidemic may increase the use of alcohol and other substances and situations involving violence. The exceptional situation and the increased psychological strain related to it may cause problems even at a fast pace, also in homes where all is usually well. Relieving anxiety or boredom with alcohol is understandable but the consequences of binge drinking may strain health care.

Help for violence in close relationships

The exceptional situation may increase domestic violence and violence in close relationships. It is wise to seek help before the situation escalates. Free of charge mental support is offered e.g. by Nollalinja telephone service. In situations involving violence, it is vital to get help quickly. Social emergency services and Turku Mother and Child Home and Shelter are available 24/7. Both women and men can seek help at the shelter in situations where they are not safe at home. Help is also available at Online Shelter. In cases of emergency, call 112.

  • In urgent cases, you can contact social emergency services, tel. +358 2 262 6003. Open 24/7.
  • Turku Mother and Child Home and Shelter (Turun ensi- ja turvakoti) offers shelter 24/7 to both women and men at times when they cannot stay at home. Tel. + 358 2 513 4100.
    Further information: Turun ensi- ja turvakoti 
  • Nollalinja helps anyone who has experienced physical, mental or sexual abuse or threat of violence in a close relationship. Tel. +358 80 005 005.
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  • Online Shelter (Nettiturvakoti) offers e.g. guidance via chat and advice on how to seek help.
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Treatment and counselling for substance abuse is available

A challenge has already spread on social media to abstain from alcohol during the corona epidemic, thus reducing the strain of health services. Risks of alcohol consumption are related to the amount of alcohol and frequency of use. For a healthy adult over 18, the day limit of moderate consumption is considered to be 1 or 2 alcohol units. e.g. a sauna beer or a glass of wine. On a weekly level, the consumption should not exceed 14 units for men and 7 units for women. For people aged over 65, the limits of risk use are tighter than for working age population. Moreover, alcohol consumption causes more harm to their health. Therefore, the elderly are now advised to consider abstaining from alcohol completely.

Treatment and counselling for substance abuse is available also during exceptional circumstances. Detoxification treatment is accessible as normal and even new customers will rapidly receive treat-ment for substance abuse via remote contact. Also new customers will receive help rapidly. If you have any worries about your alcohol consumption, don’t hesitate to get help.

The national substance abuse helpline is open 24/7 and you can call free of charge. In Turku, you can access treatment for substance abuse by booking a time at your own health station or with your own social worker. You will have help with mapping out your use of intoxicants and accessing treatment for substance abuse. Alternatively, you can also seek help at A-Clinic Turku.

Mental support through conversation is offered e.g. by Turun A-kilta, Varsinais-Suomen Sininauha ja Tietu. Support for immediately family and close ones is offered by Southwest Finland FinFami – Finnish Central Association of Families of People with mental illness. Also the psychosocial support helpline provided by the City of Turku psychosocial services offers a chance to discuss thoughts and feelings caused by the current situation with a professional. 

  • Turku health stations and booking an appointment
  • Ehyt ry substance abuse helpline +358 800 900 45
    The national substance abuse helpline is free of charge and is open 24/7. You can call anonymously and the conversation is confidential.
    Further information:
  • The Hospital District of Southwest Finland emergency services for mental illness and addiction problems treat patients who have an acute mental health crisis or a crisis situation related to substance abuse. The unit operates in connection with the joint emergency services and the service is also accessed through the joint emergency services. 
    Further information: Emergency services for mental illness and addiction problems
  • A-Clinic
    Free of charge for Turku residents, you can contact the clinic directly and book an appointment. Appointments, guidance and counselling Mon-Fri 8 am–6 pm, tel. +358 10 506 5550.
    Further information: