Due to the coronavirus situation, all courses and instructor-led sports services provided at sports facilities maintained by the City of Turku Sports Services have been suspended, and the season passes and entries loaded onto wristbands have been left partly or fully unused.

Various compensation methods

The primary compensation method for money loaded onto wristbands is extending its validity period by the duration of the closure. For course and season fees, the unused proportion will be compensated either through a refund to the customer’s bank account or with sports vouchers.

For more information, please contact the Sports Services Centre’s customer service point: liikunta.varaukset@turku.fi.

Multi-admission and season wristbands

The validity period of Exercise, Senior and Kimmoke Wristbands will be extended by the duration of the period for which swimming halls, gyms, Kupittaa Sports Hall and the City’s cultural institutions have been closed on account of the coronavirus situation. The validity period of wristbands will be extended once the sports facilities in question reopen, and the public will be informed of the practical measures in more detail on the websites of Turku Sport Services, of Kimmoke Wristband and of Senior Wristband in conjunction with the reopening.

In addition to wristbands that are still valid, the extension also applies to Exercise Wristbands that expire while the sports facilities are closed. ‘Exercise Wristband’ refers to all multi-admission wristbands, club wristbands for adults, which are subject to a fee, and water gymnastics classes loaded onto wristbands.

Any unused time will primarily be compensated for by extending the validity period. However, if the customer prefers to get their money back for a wristband that has expired, they must contact the customer service point by e-mail at liikunta.varaukset@turku.fi. The customer will then receive a refund for the unused entries as a payment to their bank account.

Course and season fees

Customers who have paid the season fee for Ihanaiset naiset, Leidit liikkeellä, Kunnon äijät, Kuntokonkarit or Raskas sarja or the fee for swimming lessons, gym ABC courses or other courses will be refunded for the proportion of the course fee corresponding to the unused time or entries. If the course has not begun but the customer has paid the course fee, the fee will be refunded in full. If the course has begun, the customer will be refunded for the proportion of the course fee corresponding to the number of lessons/weeks not realised. Customers will be contacted regarding the compensation practices for the interrupted water gymnastics season at Petrelius Swimming Hall once the facility reopens.

Course or season fees paid for with sports vouchers will not be compensated with a refund; instead, the compensation will be provided in another way, such as in the form of sports vouchers. Customers who have paid a course or season fee will receive an e-mail or be contacted by phone on week 17 in order for their information to be obtained for returning the fee. If the customer has not received a message or phone call by week 18, they should contact the customer service point by e-mail: liikunta.varaukset@turku.fi.

Swimming cards for pupils in Years 1 and 2 and pre-schoolers

The swimming services distributed by Sports Services to pupils in Years 1 and 2 are valid until 31 December, while the swimming cards distributed by the Education Division to preschool pupils are valid until 31 July. The validity period of these swimming cards will be extended by the duration of the period for which the swimming halls are closed due to the coronavirus.

Purchased but unredeemed gift vouchers

Gift vouchers purchased from Sports Services must be redeemed within 6 months of the date of purchase. The validity period of unredeemed gift vouchers will be extended by the duration of the period for which the swimming halls and gyms are closed.

Entries purchased online

Under normal circumstances, series of entries purchased for wristbands online must be activated within 14 days of the purchase. Under the current emergency conditions, entries purchased online will remain in the cloud service for a year from the date of purchase, which provides a good amount of time for loading them onto a wristband.

Tyky Wristbands of the City of Turku

The compensation practices for course and season fees paid for with Tyky Wristbands will be communicated via Metku, the City of Turku’s intranet.