The coronavirus epidemic has forced Ruisrock’s organizers to make the difficult but responsible decision and cancel the festival, which would have taken place in July.

During the winter and spring, the Ruisrock organization has closely monitored the development of the coronavirus situation and its effects on public events in Finland and around the world. The most important thing for Ruisrock is the safety and well-being of the visitors, artists and employees. If their well-being cannot be guaranteed, we do not want to organize the festival. Caring about others is something that we highlight in everything we do, and the values of the festival include acting responsibly for the common good.

At its meeting on 14th April, the Turku city board decided to recommend that large-scale events be cancelled in Turku until the end of July. Under the current circumstances, Ruisrock believes that this recommendation is correct, and we will act accordingly. Cancelling the festival is a difficult and sad decision, but it is the only responsible option. Numerous festivals around the world have come to the same conclusion, and Ruisrock is now joining them.

- Cancelling the festival is an extremely difficult decision for the organizers. We have been working for almost a year to bring more joy and happiness to the world through Ruisrock, like in the previous summers. For us and thousands of others, this festival is the highlight of the year, and it is heart-breaking to imagine a summer without Ruisrock. However, the decision we have made is the only responsible option in the current situation. The coronavirus spreads when people get together, so now is not the time to gather tens of thousands of people in the same place, says Mikko Niemelä, Ruisrock's promoter in their press release.

- However, we will not be discouraged – we will look to the future, waiting for that moment when we get to celebrate together in Ruissalo. We are working to postpone as much as possible from this summer to the next, and so far, it looks promising. You can look forward to awesome things at the 2021 festival! We will offer more information as soon as possible, but the most important thing for us at the moment is that everyone stays healthy.

The themes of Ruisrock 2020 included equality and encounters, around which various partnerships and activities were planned. People often come to Ruisrock with a large group of friends, so being together with those you care about as well as meeting new people are key reasons to attend the festival. Everyone should be able to enjoy Ruisrock as they are, and the goal is to bring together different people who might not otherwise necessarily meet each other. Summer 2020 at Ruisrock was going to be amazing, and both the visitors and the organizers had high expectations. We had planned unique content and surprises that we looked forward to sharing with the visitors. 

The organizers of Ruisrock are extremely sorry for the cancellation, which affects a large number of people and various actors. In addition to the visitors, the situation affects numerous artists, companies, other organizations and festival workers, and the cancellation of the festival is a great disappointment to them. Ruisrock is currently negotiating with the artists to postpone the performances to next year, and news about the 2021 festival program will hopefully be available in the near future.

Tickets of Ruisrock 2020 can be transferred directly to next year. You can also return the ticket to receive a full refund, apart from the ticket shop service fee. Instructions on how to transfer or return a ticket will be added to Ruisrock's website.

The 51st Ruisrock will take place 9.–5.7.2021 in Ruissalo, Turku. Ruisrock's news will be published on the festival's social media channels and website