This year, the City of Turku will use up to half a million euros of will fund yields for promoting the wellbeing of city residents during and after the state of emergency. The city’s own operators as well as registered non-profit associations, organisations and foundations can apply.

Develop an idea and implement it

Send your application by 6 May 2020. The city’s own operators as well as registered non-profit associations, organisations and foundations can apply.

Read more and apply:

Further information given by Risto Tolonen.

Ideas concerning four areas are welcome:

  • prevention of loneliness,
  • mental wellbeing,
  • improving functional capacity
  • and digital support.

Up to 60,000 euros are allocated for each area during the application round of spring. The focus of ideas should primarily be on services intended for the elderly that promote wellbeing and health and support the city’s strategy.  However, ideas can also be targeted for other groups of population. The activity must be directed to as many people as possible or it must be otherwise effective considering the target group.

The application period runs from 17 April to 6 May 2020. The city’s own operators, associations, organisations and foundations can develop ideas and send their application by 4 pm on 6 May at The ideas need to be implemented by 31 December 2021. The state of emergency regulations need to be taken into consideration in any operation. Any basic operation included in the operation plan of the applicant cannot be considered as an eligible idea. Device and equipment acquisitions can only be supported if they are combined with a service. In May, Turku City Board will decide on the distribution of funds on the basis of the wellbeing steering group’s proposal. The second round of applications will be organised in autumn 2020. 

New kinds of agile wellbeing services are needed during the state of emergency

The city has used the yield of the will fund to develop low-threshold wellbeing services and operational culture supporting wellbeing. In previous years, the amount available for distribution was 273,000 euros. Exceptionally, the maximum total amount to be distributed in 2020 is 500,000 euros over two application rounds.

– The reason for having two rounds and increasing the amount is the need to help in the state of emergency and take care of follow-up measures. The state of emergency has plenty of effects on the wellbeing of residents in the area. All residents need joy and recreational opportunities. The exceptional circumstances cause accumulating need for services and new customers have developed service needs. Support is needed both immediately and later as follow-up, says the chair of wellbeing steering group, Director of Recreation Division Minna Sartes.

Previously, only City of Turku operators have been able to propose ideas but now also registered non-profit associations, organisations and foundations are able to participate.

–  Third sector operators are needed to develop new kinds of agile services and forms of operation. City operators and organisations can also develop ideas collaboratively, says Minna Sartes.

Previously, the yield of the will fund has been used for example to develop the OmaKirjasto service, support informal carers and organise cultural activities for the elderly.