Nutritional therapists offer nutritional therapy services also during the corona pandemic. As before, they offer help in different problematic situations related to nutrition. You can access their appointments e.g. via remote connection.

Nutritional therapy for children and adolescents

Telephone service on weekdays between 12 noon and 1 pm.

Saara Karjalainen, tel. +358 40 647 4279
Aino Niemi, tel. +358 40 481 3309

Nutritional therapist for children and adolescents Saara Karjalainen from the Welfare Division says that appointments are now available via Videovisit connection. The online appointment is safe because conversations between the patient and therapist are protected.

-If you have worries and hesitate about physically attending your appointment, the remote connection is a good alternative. If you hesitate about using the video connection, you can call us or send an email. In some cases, you can physically attend your appointment as normal.

Underlying problems may now become highlighted

The state of emergency caused by coronavirus causes many parents worry and stress. This is easily reflected on children.

-Often in such situations, children begin to eat less. If there are already underlying problems related to eating, they may now become highlighted, says Karjalainen.

In order to book an appointment with a nutritional therapist, you need a referral from a doctor, nurse or public health nurse from any Welfare Decision service point.