The Government announced new policies on Monday 4 May regarding dismantling of certain restrictions, many of which are related to city services and functions. The City of Turku begins to gradually open services in accordance with given guidelines and schedules. The first services to be opened are outdoor sports facilities and the opportunity to borrow material from the library.

Information and instructions on preventing the spread of coronavirus in Turku:

Restrictions are dismantled responsibly in order to prevent sudden new delays.

- It is a positive thing that we are now heading towards a more normal life. However, responsible action must continue also in the situation involving new guidelines. We all want the coronavirus situation to stay in control even when restrictions are eased, Mayor of Turku Minna Arve emphasises.

Outdoor sports facilities to open on 14 May

On 14 May, Turku will open outdoor sports facilities maintained by the City of Turku so that they can be used by city residents and clubs. In all outdoor sports facilities, activities will begin in accordance with the normal seasonal schedule. Natural grass fields will be taken into use in May-June as usual and even then depending on weather circumstances. Beaches are set to be opened at the beginning of June and supervision at beaches is also planned to start at that time.

For outdoor sports courts and fields that can be reserved, time slots are available from 14 May onwards. At main league level in outdoor ball games, time slots are available immediately. Exercise routes, outdoor gym devices and exercise stairs continue to be open for all as usual.

From 1 June onwards, the restriction on gathering will be eased and the allowed number of people gathering will be 50 instead of the current 10. This restriction will also be applied at outdoor sports facilities.

Separate decisions will be made on opening municipal outdoor swimming stadiums, swimming centres, indoor sports facilities, ball game hall, indoor ice rinks and changing rooms located at outdoor sports facilities. Decisions are made on the basis of Government policies and progression of the coronavirus epidemic.

Read more about opening outdoor sports facilities: The City of Turku to open outdoor sports facilities on 14 May

Libraries and museums to be open again in the summer

In accordance with the Government policy, borrowing material from libraries is possible immediately and the Regional State Administrative Agencies provide instructions on how borrowing can be arranged safely. Borrowing of reserved materials will be initiated as soon as possible. Libraries and mobile libraries are opened gradually from 1 June onwards and the opening is prepared during May. 

The museums of Turku Museum Centre are prepared to open their doors already during the first week of June, taking into consideration visitor limitations and safety distances. Guidance, events, workshops or courses will not be arranged during June or July.

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra has no operation over the summer period. Turku City Theatre will follow the official policies for the part of the summer theatre season and inform customers as soon as possible.

Youth work is active throughout the summer and online services developed over spring continue even during summer. In addition to outreach youth work, free time activities are organised when possible and within the framework of restrictions. 

All pupils in basic education to attend contact teaching, upper secondary education continues as distance teaching

School work in comprehensive schools in Turku will begin on Thursday 14 May in accordance with the normal school schedule for pupils in grades 1–9. Distance teaching is no longer organised and it is not an alternative to school attendance. Arrangements to start contact teaching have been started in comprehensive schools in accordance with national guidelines. The City of Turku will do everything to make sure that school attendance is safe for pupils as well as staff.

Opening of schools also affects the demand for early childhood education and care. Guardians have communicated in advance that next week already 60 per cent of children in early childhood education and care will return to care. Playground activities of open early childhood education will be open from 14 May onwards if there is demand for them.

Upper secondary school education and vocational education and training will continue as distance teaching until the end of spring term. Currently empty upper secondary school facilities will be utilised as temporary facilities for contact teaching in comprehensive schools where use is prohibited. Distribution of meals for upper secondary school students and vocational education and training students will continue throughout the spring as agreed. Traditional end of term ceremonies or graduation ceremonies will not be arranged this spring. 

Föli transport for pupils is prepared in collaboration with the Education Division this week and transport will begin on 14 May. There will be enough buses running to take into consideration all temporary school facility solutions, e.g. moving 450 pupils from Turku Lyseo school in Runosmäki to a temporary facility in the city centre.

More detailed information about transport will be available on Monday 11 May. Also other details related to dismantling restrictions will be communicated over the next few days.