Contact teaching in comprehensive schools in Turku between 14 May and 30 May 2020 is organised in accordance with Government guidelines. Indoor school facilities will be considered carefully in teaching and outdoor spaces will be utilised for various purposes

In all transitions that pupils make in primary schools during the day, all contacts with other teaching groups and pupils are minimised. In teaching arrangements, the teaching groups will stay in the same space with the same teacher as much as possible.

In secondary school education, pupils stay in the same groups but as teachers shift between groups, the principle of minimal contact is applied. As for optional subjects, schools can deviate from normal school year grouping to minimise the risk of contagion.

Pupils must primarily attend contact teaching  

The Basic Education Act obliges pupils to attend pre-primary education or basic education if they have not been temporarily exempted for a specific reason. The permission for exemption must be applied for separately and the school will consider granting the permission case by case. You cannot come to school if you are ill. Guardians must inform the teacher about pupil absence caused by illness as soon possible. Absence from school is acceptable if the pupil is ill or they or their family member belong to a high-risk group. The attending physician will make an assessment about whether the pupil or their family member belongs to a high-risk group. The school will not arrange distance teaching for pupils staying at home during the remaining term.

Contact teaching can be replaced by online teaching to reduce staff moving between units

Having teachers move between different units must be avoided. Tuition is offered in the form contact teaching within facilities of one school. If necessary, the teacher can provide the lesson through remote access in a way that the pupils are in another school at that time, closely supervised by another person.

If necessary, the teacher in charge of a specific subject can plan the teaching entity and instruct another teacher. The other teacher can provide the lesson at the time indicated in the work plan. This helps reduce unnecessary moving of teachers between units.

Special teaching arrangements

Due to a reason related to the pupil’s health, the organiser of teaching may grant a decision on special teaching arrangements in which case teaching can be provided as distance teaching. Distance teaching may be justifiable in cases where, for example, the pupil belongs in a high-risk group, has a chronic disease or needs extra protection against infection. The decision on arrangements is based on an assessment made by the attending physician.

School meals

School meals in basic education in Turku are served while keeping distances and taking into consideration school-specific facilities and number of students. The schools themselves plan and serve school meals in the best possible way, taking safety into account. School meals can be eaten, for example, in a school canteen, classroom or other indoor or outdoor space, provided that regulations given by authorities are followed. 

School recesses

For the part of recesses, school days can be paced in a way deviating from the normal timing of recesses. During recesses, teaching groups are placed in recess areas outside or other areas suitable for breaks. In schools, teachers are responsible for supervision during recesses. 

Transport for pupils

Föli transport for pupils is under preparation this week and begins on 14 May. There will be enough buses running to take into consideration all temporary school solutions such as moving 450 pupils from Turku Lyseo school in Runosmäki to temporary facilities in the city centre.

Turku region public transport Föli school lines 52, 52A, 67, 71, 72, 73, 74, 77 ja 78 operate from 14 May onwards. Other lines operate according to midsummer schedules but some extra services run as well. All changes have not been confirmed yet so schedules and exceptions should be check early next week at For the time being, cash is not accepted in buses.

Introductory visits to pre-primary education and basic education

Pre-primary introductory visits are not arranged normally due to the exceptional situation caused by coronavirus. Guardians are asked to contact their own day care place or child minder to enquire about opportunities to visit pre-primary education.

Introductory visits to primary schools are cancelled for this spring if the current gathering restrictions remain in force. Schools may arrange introductory visits on week 33 at time they find suitable, provided that they follow safety guidelines. Introductory visits to secondary schools were arranged already in January.

Student welfare services provide support

During the state of emergency that has taken place this spring term, the need for student welfare has increased and schools are asked to take this into consideration. The situation of the pupil’s skill level and needs for learning and school support and student welfare will have an impact on the teaching arrangements of autumn.

Remaining school year time from 14 May to 30 May

Normal school times and normal distribution of lesson hours will be adhered to, circumstances allowing. Pupils will receive teaching in accordance with the curriculum and the only exceptional day will be Friday 29 May which can be a theme day. The minimum length of the theme day is four hours. The returning of learning materials and potential learning devices can also take place on 29 May.
The school year in basic education ends on 30 May 2020. To avoid risk of contagion, traditional end of term ceremonies will not be arranged.

Guardians and school staff will be instructed internally and through a Wilma message.