The restaurant Ruissalon Maininki located in Turku will be having considerable visibility in a restaurant series on the international streaming service Netflix, produced by Marblemedia. The visibility in an episode that is out internationally on Friday was arranged through collaboration between Visit Finland and Visit Turku.

Ruissalon Maininki, known as the restaurant of Turku Yacht Club, is presented during the second season of the restaurant series Restaurants on the Edge, in one of the seven episodes. The episode, shot in Turku in June last year, will be available on Netflix from 8 May onwards.

In the series, three restaurant business experts renovate different kinds of restaurants around the world. What these restaurants have in common is that they have a great location with a view and a need for renovation. Restaurant operations and the level of menu will be upgraded to match the great view through design, decor and local culture. Experts in the series include Restaurateur Nick Liberato, Interior Designer Karin Bohn and Chef Dennis Prescott.

Operating by the sea in a building completed in 1917, Ruissalon Maininki is hoping to find a fresher look in the series and seek a wider audience to turn from a Turku Yacht Club restaurant into a place of encounter for all Turku residents.

Ruissalon Maininki is the only Finnish restaurant shot for the series. Other episodes were shot in Slovenia, Muskoka and British Columbia in Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Arizona and Hawaii.

- We were lucky to be part of a series that will be seen by millions of viewers around the world. It became an experience we will never forget! The new look of the restaurant is amazing and we believe that customers will love it as well when we get to reopen it at the beginning of June, say restaurateurs Turo Jokinen ja Marina Björkenheim-Jokinen.


The fact that the shooting crew ended up in Finland and Turku is the result of persistent PR collaboration between Visit Finland and Visit Turku. Shooting the series in Finland brings considerable visibility as Netflix has over 182 million subscribers globally in 190 countries.

- We wanted to handle the arrangements of this shooting trip in collaboration with the City of Turku because we knew that cuisine and food-related experiences have already for a long time been highlighted in the marketing of Turku region, says PR Manager at Visit Finland Joonas Halla.

At Visit Turku, the challenge of finding the right shooting place was met enthusiastically. The shooting crew was assisted with finding a suitable restaurant as well as local operators and they were introduced to the Finnish way of life and local cuisine.

- We are happy to highlight the splendid restaurants and maritime aspect of Turku so we were glad to take this wonderful opportunity. The unique sea and archipelago views found in Turku together with the restaurant of Turku Yacht Club make an excellent shooting object, says Head of International Marketing at Visit Turku Lotta Bäck.

The Canadian shooting crew stayed in Turku for one week in June 2019. As local help, they had the production company Twisted Films.

The second season of Restaurants on the Edge will be out on Netflix on Friday 8 May. Trailer of season 2 on YouTube

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