Indoor sports facilities, swimming facilities and beaches maintained by the City of Turku will be opened from Monday 1 June onwards. Instructor-led exercise will also gradually begin. Outdoor sports facilities were taken into use on 14 May.

- Staff at sports services have prepared for opening of sports facilities and they are ready to secure safe exercise in accordance with authority guidelines, says Sports Services Director at the City of Turku Markus Kalmari.

Safety is secured through special arrangements

At sports facilities, safety distances, gathering restrictions and an elevated hygiene level during the coronavirus pandemic are taken into account through special arrangements:

  • Intake: The number of simultaneous users has facility-specific limitations. Safety distances and gathering restrictions are taken into account. For instance, swimming facilities, sports halls and gymnasiums have their own limitations depending on the size of space.
  • Changing room facilities and saunas: changing room facilities are either closed completely or the number of users is limited. In general facilities such as in swimming centres and outdoor swimming stadiums, the number of lockers will be limited. Saunas are not in use.
  • Enhanced cleaning and maintenance of hygiene: cleaning is enhanced, taking facility-specific features into account. Facilities will be arranged for handwashing and more cleansers will be available at gyms. Users are instructed to wipe equipment after use. Also potential borrowed items and entrance wristbands are cleaned.
  • Safety gaps between practice times: practices will be discussed and planned together with clubs and other reservation-makers to make sure that there is enough time to leave the space before the next users arrive.
  • Good hygiene at customer service points: at customer service points, customers are reminded about safety distances, hand hygiene and coughing hygiene through stickers, information signs and in some facilities, also announcements.
  • Means of payment: Customers are advised to prioritise loading of exercise wristband online but payment using a debit card, credit card, exercise vouchers and exercise wristbands is also accepted. Cash payment is not accepted.
  • Enhanced supervision: Supervision of sports facilities will be enhanced. For instance, there will be two swim guards instead of one at beaches during the summer.
  • Compensations: Unused time of exercise wristbands is automatically compensated. The compensation is loaded when the wristband is registered at the sports facility. There is no need for the customer to visit the customer service point separately. Extra compensation for people over the age of 70 and people in high-risk groups will be communicated separately.

Users of each sports facility will be informed about all changes and relevant matters by email if possible, in confirmations of practice time reservations, on websites and in sports facilities.

Following guidelines is important

Even though outdoor sports facilities are reopened, it is important to remember that the coronavirus pan-demic is not over yet. Everyone using sports facilities must follow current Government and health authority guidelines and policies e.g. related to safety distance, gathering restrictions and personal health.

Every city resident continues to be responsible for following guidelines in their own activities, thus also securing the health of people around them. Adults are responsible for making sure that children follow them too.

– In this way, we continue to slow down the spreading of coronavirus, protect people in high-risk groups and prevent excessive straining of health care system, Kalmari adds.

Sports facilities to be opened

The following sports facilities maintained by the City of Turku will open on 1 June for city residents and clubs: indoor sports halls and gymnasiums in summer use, Impivaara swimming centre, Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium and some of the gyms (Impivaara, Petrelius, Paattinen and Pansio). Also beaches open and supervision at beaches begins on 1 June.

Kupittaa outdoor swimming arena is planned to open on 8 June when maintenance work that depends on weather conditions has been completed. The time of opening will be confirmed later.

Detailed up-to-date information on opening times and restrictions at sports facilities during the state of emergency caused by coronavirus will be gathered on the site

More information on opening of swimming facilities and beaches, compensations for exercise wristbands and beginning of instructor-led sports activities will follow soon.