After easing of coronavirus restrictions, the City of Turku Youth Services arrange a variety of new kinds of summer activities. Open youth facility activities are offered between 1 June and 31 July and e-services for adolescents initiated over the spring continue.
  1. Youth workers are availble for contacting. The Sekasin Chat support mental wellbeing.

  2. Netari, online youth centre.

  3. Turku Game Academy organises game activities online.

  4. Live music on the Vimma stage

  5. Vimma Art and Activity Centre for Youth is on Instagram and Facebook
    and RadioVimma is available for listening online.

  6. The customer service of Youth Services is available, tel. +358 2 2623 112/

  7. Adventure Park Seikkailupuisto offers tips and things to do for children on their Instagram account and Facebook page.

  8. NuortenTurku Information Services for the Youth serves by phone, through WhatsApp and by email and is also on Discord.

  9. The Discord living room is a place for virtual gathering for adolescents between 15 and 29.

  10. The outreach youth workers of the City of Turku and partners are available for contacting.

Up-to-date coronavirus guidelines are followed in all activities.

Open youth facility activities are organised both at facilities and nearby areas, making use of sports sites and other recreational areas that are popular among adolescents. The intention is to organise activities outside whenever possible. Also small-scale trips and other communal activities suggested by adolescents will be organised if possible. 

Youth workers also offer outreach work around Turku, meeting adolescents and chatting with them. During conversations, the adolescents will be guided further to access any other services they might need.

Activities organised by youth facilities are a safe and inexpensive way for adolescents to experience new things.

Activities are free of charge

Director of Youth Services Anna Salminen says that exceptionally, there are activities available throughout the summer. The objective is to create friendships between adolescents and offer fun summer activities.

– Our activities are open for all adolescents in Turku. Those participating in activities must have a youth card. Cards are available free of charge at all youth facilities. You will receive an application for the card on your first visit.

According to Salminen, adolescents have an opportunity to influence the content of activities during summer. Suggestions can be given to instructors of youth facilities

All activities can be easily accessed regardless of residential area

Not all youth facilities are open during the summer but there will be facilities open across Turku. According to Salminen, all youth facilities can be accessed using public transport.

Salminen encourages adolescents to take part in activities organised by youth facilities even they haven’t visited youth facilities before.

– This is an opportunity to have a great summer, meet new friends and participate in fun activities together with trained youth workers.

Youth instructor Budoor Al Sheik Kazal welcomes all adolescents to participate in youth facility activities.

E-services are available also during the summer

Over the spring, the Youth Services developed several e-services for children, families and adolescents. The most successful digital services will continue alongside other services, if possible.

E-services offered for adolescents include game activities, music, crafts and content on the social channels of youth facilities and Vimma Art and Activity Centre for Youth as well as help and advice.

The City of Turku Youth Services also participate in the operating of the national online youth centre Netari and the Sekasin chat service provided by Mieli Mental Health Finland. Fun content for children and families have is available on the social media channels of Adventure Park Seikkailupuisto.

Further information on summer activities for young people and e-services:

Changes in activities may occur depending on circumstances in society.

Mari Mielonen and Janni Mäkelä at NuortenTurku respond to questions e.g. on Discord, by email and through WhatsApp.