Despite coronavirus restrictions, swimming is possible already at the beginning of June when the City of Turku opens outdoor swimming stadiums and swimming centres. Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium and Impivaara swimming centre open on 1 June 2020 and Kupittaa outdoor swimming arena opens on 8 June. Petrelius swimming hall and the gyms at Paattisten aluetalo open on 1 June.

In swimming facilities, the safety distances, gathering restrictions and elevated level of hygiene are secured through special arrangements such as by limiting number of customers and reminding them about safety distances.

- We expect customers using swimming centres and outdoor swimming stadiums to obey currently valid instructions and, in this way, take care of the safety of other customers and staff. We hope that everyone demonstrates flexibility and understanding in this exceptional situation, as we open swimming facilities in a gradual and controlled manner. For our part, we aim at offering exercise moments that are as fun and risk-free as possible, says Director of Swimming Facilities Eeva Haapanen.

The number of customers is regulated through the set restrictions and in some facilities, the real-time number of customers can be made visible at the cashier. Hygiene is secured through extra cleaning and borrowable equipment and wristbands are cleaned. Water jogging belts are available but other borrowable items are not. Hydrohex aqua aerobics screens are not in use for the time being. The use of loose gym equipment at gyms is also limited.

In accordance with guidelines of the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation, the number of lockers and showers in use is restricted. Saunas are not in use for the time being.

Swimming schools are at not organised at this point due to the close contact required during them. Information about any potential upcoming swimming schools will be communicated over summer.

- The situation is new for everyone and in practice, some changes will probably occur over the coming weeks. Instructions given by authorities are constantly followed. Restrictions may also be tightened or eased depending on the situation, Haapanen says.
The correct practices will be informed in swimming facilities with guiding signs in three languages. Up-to-date information is also updated on the website

Aqua aerobics begins at Kupittaa outdoor swimming arena in June

Aqua aerobics begins at Kupittaa as soon as the outdoor swimming arena opens on Monday 8 June. Due to the coronavirus situation, the maximum number of participants is 20. Registration for aqua aerobics takes place in advance through an online service. Registration for the classes of the following week will be opened on the previous Saturday at noon.
Schedule and registration links for aqua aerobics

Nearly normal summer opening times at swimming facilities

  • Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium is open between 1 June and 13 September. The children’s pool is open between 1 June and 1 September as follows: Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri from 6 am to 8 pm, Wed from 10 am to 8 pm, Sat-Sun from 8 am to 7 pm.
  • Impivaara swimming centre is open in June from 1 June to 26 June. The summer break is between 27 June and 9 August. The swimming centre then opens again on 10 August. The opening times are as follows: Mon-Thu from 6 am to 8 pm, Fri from 11 am to 6 pm, Sat-Sun from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Kupittaa outdoor swimming arena is open between 8 June and 9 August as follows: Mon-Fri from 9 am to 9 pm and Sat-Sun from 10 am to 7 pm.
  • Petrelius swimming hall is partly reserved for use of clubs over the summer and will be opening for public on 24 August.
  • Swimming and gym time ends 30 minutes after the closure of cashier.
  • The gyms of Paattisten aluetalo and Petrelius swimming hall are open daily between 6 am and 9 pm from 1 June onwards only with a wristband.

Limited number of customers

- It is important to remember that the coronavirus epidemic is not over yet. Unfortunately, the number of customers cannot be made visible in real time as situation change rapidly. This means that not everyone necessarily gets to go swimming even if they would like to, says Haapanen.

To allow as many as possible to use facilities, the continuous time of use has been limited to two hours. There are also time-specific restrictions to the number of persons at swimming facilities and their gyms. There will be monitoring to make sure that instructions are followed, and interventions will be made if necessary.

Outdoor swimming stadiums: Approximately 200 persons at a time are allowed at a time at the outdoor swimming stadiums of both Samppalinna and Kupittaa. A maximum of 56 persons in total at a time are allowed in the pools of Samppalinna and 62 persons at a time in the pools of Kupittaa.

At Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium, tracks will be merged. There is one wide area for water jogging and two wide swimming tracks (slow and fast). A maximum of 12 persons are allowed on the shared tracks and a maximum of 24 persons are allowed on the large water jogging area. A maximum of 48 persons are allowed in the pool at a time and 8 persons are allowed in the children’s pool.

A maximum of 16 persons are allowed in the Kupittaa 35-metre pool of the outdoor swimming stadium. The same rule is valid for the family pools. A maximum of 40 persons are allowed in the large pool.

Swimming centres: A maximum of 400 persons are allowed in the Impivaara swimming centre at a time. Approximately 150 persons are allowed in the pools at a time. A maximum of 40 persons in total are allowed in the gyms and the gymnasium.

A maximum of 64 persons are allowed in the 50-metre pool, a maximum of 40 persons in the 25-metre pool, 16 persons are allowed in the jumping pool, 10 persons are allowed in the multipurpose pool, 10 persons are allowed in the teaching pool, 2 persons are allowed in the wading pool, 8 persons are allowed in the family pool and 1 person is allowed in the cold pool.

Gyms at swimming facilities: A maximum of 8 persons at a time are allowed at the gym of Petrelius swimming hall. At Paattisten aluetalo, the maximum number of persons allowed in the space with equipment is 5 and the maximum number of people allowed in the warm-up space is 4 persons at a time.

Outdoor swimming stadium loading and means of payment  

Accepted means of payment at swimming facilities include bank card, credit card, exercise money and exercise vouchers. On the website, it is possible to load entries on the exercise wristband to access sports facilities easily. Cash payment is currently not accepted.

Outdoor swimming stadium loading is not available this year due to the uncertain situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Other items are sold as normal.

Compensations at swimming facilities

For wristbands (senior wristband, Kimmoke wristband, wristband for 10 entries and aqua aerobics wristbands), the unused time due to closure between 13 March and 31 May will be compensated automatically. The compensation will be uploaded from 1 June onwards when the exercise wristband is registered at the sports facility. There is no need for the customer to make a separate visit to the customer service point.

Also the validity of swimming cards of preschoolers and pupils in grades 1 and 2 will be extended by the time period of closure – in other words, they are valid until 19 October (preschoolers) and 21 March (pupils in grades 1 and 2). More information about compensations and extra compensations for customers over 70 and those belonging in high-risk groups will be communicated separately and they are updated on a separate website.

Checklist for swimming facility users

  • Don’t come to swimming facilities when you are ill, even if your symptoms are mild
  • Cash is currently not accepted
  • Parents are responsible for their children
  • Obey restrictions on the number of persons and follow instructions given by the staff
  • Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the maximum using time of swimming facilities is 2 hours
  • Keep a safety distance of 1 to 2 metres between you and other customers and staff.
  • Wash yourself well and maintain good hand hygiene.