The City of Turku organised summer activities for children and adolescents. Summer activities mainly take place outside, online and at facilities of schools and youth centres. The City of Turku follows and obeys national coronavirus guidelines and takes care of hygiene measures in activities.

Please keep in mind these instructions also in summer:

  1. Keep a safety distances of 1 to 2 metres between you and other people.
  2. Maintain good hand hygiene
  3. Always cough into your elbow (or a tissue)

Chargeable summer activities for pupils in grades 1 and 2 are organised in the following facilities:

Summer activities for pupils in grades 1 and 2

The City of Turku organises chargeable summer activities for pupils in grades in 1 and 2. Activities take place in the facilities of Hannunniittu School, Hepokulta School, Kärsämäki school, Wäinö Aaltonen school, Jäkärlä School and Pansio School and in the Teräsrautela unit of Teräsrautela School. Summer activities in Swedish are organised in Sirkkala skolan. Summer activities begin on 1 June and end on 26 June 2020. Registration in advance is required. The price of summer activities is comprised of the weeks that pupils have been registered for as attending. Guardians can ask for further information about morning and afternoon clubs at aamujailtapaivatoiminta(at)

KivaKesä – Sommarskoj – summer activities gathered on one site

KivaKesä – Sommarskoj gathers online the summertime events and hobbies organised in Turku and Turku region for children and adolescents between 6 and 15. On the site, you can find summer activities organised by the City of Turku, Turku and Kaarina Parish Union and sports, culture and youth associations for children and adults.

Further information:

Kivakesä kulmilla – activities free of charge for children and families around Turku

Circus artists encourage children and adolescents to try circus tricks at Lähiösirkus, which is part of Kivakesä kulmilla activities.

This summer, the new Kivakesä kulmilla entity offers open activities free of charge for families and children in primary school. Activities are organised in different areas, mainly outside. They include exercise, games, circus tricks and art workshops. The Kivakesä kulmilla centres are open between 2 June and 31 July on weekdays 11 am to 4 pm but instructor-led activities are also organised at other times.

The Kivakesä kulmilla centres include the following youth centres: Varissuon nuorisotila, Runosmäen nuorisotila, Lausteen Lähiötupa, Pansion Me-talo, Maarian nuorisotila and Halisten nuorisotila. Activities are arranged in the surroundings of these facilities. There is no need to register in advance as the details of participants will be gathered on the spot. You can visit every now and then or spend the whole summer in nice activities. You can find the programme of different areas online and on the spot.

Further information:

Activities for adolescents in youth centres and other areas

Open youth facility activities are organised both at facilities and nearby areas, making use of sports sites and other recreational areas that are popular among adolescents. The intention is to organise activities outside whenever possible. Also other communal activities suggested by adolescents will be organised if possible. Youth workers also offer outreach work around Turku, meeting adolescents and chatting with them. During conversations, the adolescents will be guided further to access any other services they might need.

Further information: New kinds of activities offered for adolescents throughout summer

Activities also online during summer

Activities offered online include e.g. game activities, tips for making snacks and spending free time, challenges, music as well as crafts and content on the social media channels of youth centres and Vimma Art and Activity Centre for Youth. Help and advice also available.

Adventure Park Seikkailupuisto offers activities outside and on social media

Playing in the playground area of Adventure Park is fun

Children and families are offered activities at Adventure Park Seikkailupuisto and on the social media channels of Adventure Park. Art workshops at Adventure Park operate between 2 June and 31 July (no workshop on 19 June) outside nonstop. Places cannot be reserved in advance. Art workshops are free of charge and the themes change weekly. The workshops are organised when weather allows.

The playground area of Adventure Park Seikkailupuisto is open and can be used as normal. General safety and hygiene must be taken into account.

Further information: Summer season at Adventure Park Seikkailupuisto

Exercise for children and families with children

Playground exercise suitable for adults is offered around the city. It is suitable for anyone interested in outdoor exercise. You can also join with a toddler.

Playground exercise between 1 June and 18 June 2020

Further information: Leikkipuistojumppaa aikuisille (in Finnish)

Exercise in nature event for families Kurala-Kohmo Saturday 13 June from 10 am to 1 pm

Gathering at Kylämäki Village in Kurala (Jaanintie 45). You can select a route for walkers or walkers with a pushchair. The length of the route is approximately 4 kilometres. At the Kylämäki Village in Kurala, you can eat your packed snack or take part in activities such as StreetO orienteering. Pre-registration:, Further information, tel. +358 50 554 6225