Lifeguards look after safety at the liveliest beaches of Turku: Ekvalla, Ispoinen and Saaronniemi. Supervision on beaches is enhanced compared to previous years: there are two lifeguards in all shifts.

Further information:

This summer, the responsibility of beachgoers becomes highlighted

Many measures are taken on beaches to prevent coronavirus contagion. At Ekvalla, Ispoinen and Sa-ronniemi, there are two lifeguards in all shifts. In this way, supervision and preventive measures can be enhanced. During opening hours, toilet facilities are cleaned every hour (wiping surfaces, disinfection) and fixed hand sanitizer will be placed in the portable toilets.

So far, no authority policies have been made on restrictions to the number of people on beaches. Public beaches are comparable to outdoor exercise routes that are open for everyone. General authority recommendations on hygiene and safety and instructions on avoiding the risk of contagion should be obeyed on beaches. If instructions and requests are neglected, lifeguards will intervene and the police will also be called if needed. Potential upcoming restrictions and changes are communicated if necessary.

- This summer, beachgoers need to behave even more responsibly than before when they spend time at beaches. In addition to general swimming safety, everyone must keep in mind the coronavirus guidelines and recommendations. Coronavirus guidelines are clearly on display and announcements are also made at regular intervals. The guidelines of the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation (FSL) must be obeyed and it is also important to take or your own safety and the safety of others on the beach, Sports Facility Supervisor Timo Koljonen says.

Enhanced supervision and new playing equipment

Lifeguards work at the beaches of Ispoinen and Ekvalla every day between 1 June and 9 August apart from the daily lunch break between 1:30 pm and 2 pm. On Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day 20 June and 21 june, there is no supervision in Ispoinen or Ekvalla.

On Saaronniemi beach in Ruissalo, supervision is available every day from 11 am to 6 pm between 1 June and 11 August, also during Midsummer.

The task of lifeguards is to supervise the swimming area marked with cords and to look after safety on the beach. However, lifeguards are not babysitters, and adults must take care of their children. It is good to keep in mind that you cannot berth on a public beach and intoxicants and dogs are also prohibited.

In Ispoinen and Ekvalla, children’s playing equipment has been renewed. There is now modern and safe playing equipment available on the beaches, making sure that children have something fun to do.

The accessible Ekvalla beach located on the island of Satava has an accessible ramp, changing rooms, toilet, shower, kiosk, playing field and outdoor exercise equipment. At Ispoinen beach in Uittamo, there are changing huts, a toilet, a kiosk and a chargeable sauna maintained by Turku´s Winter Outdoor Swimmers Club. At Saaronniemi, there are changing huts, a toilet, a shower and a chargeable sauna that can be reserved.

In addition to supervised swimming beaches, there are two smaller freshwater swimming beaches in Turku: Maaria sandpit in Jäkärlä and Brinkhall beach on the Kakskerta island. Both beaches have a changing hut and a toilet.

The quality of water is checked regularly

On the beaches of Ekvalla, Ispoinen and Saaronniemi, the quality of water is checked in accordance with EU regulations twice a month. Water samples will also be taken at Brinkhall beach, Maaria and Kansanpuisto. The data will be updated on the page and it will also be found on the notice board of each beach.