Näytönsäästäjä (Screensaver), a new work of media art by the artist collective Turun Anikistit ry, is being showcased on the outdoor display of Turku City Theatre and the window surfaces of Turku’s new, magnificent electric mobile library.

Näytönsäästäjä belongs to the City of Turku’s art collection and will be on display as part of the programme of Turku City Theatre’s LED wall until the end of August 2020. The work is also a permanent part of the window surfaces of Turku City Library’s new electric mobile library, which started operating on Friday 5 June 2020 and is the first of its kind in the world.

Abstract animation with various techniques

The members of Turun Anikistit ry who participated in the making of the media artwork Näytönsäästäjä were Lauri Järvenpää, Reetta Halkosaari, Iida-Sofia Kivistö, Tiina Räsänen, Antti Laakso, Mirka Raasakka, Tommi Juutilainen, Lotta Rapeli and Annika Dahlsten. The techniques used in the work range from stop motion sand animation to hand-drawn and computer cut-out animation. The abstract media art work comprises short sequences in which the styles and techniques used by different artists engage in dialogue by means of movement with a changing tempo as well as colours and shapes.

Pixel Mural: media art for the urban space

This work, which belongs to the City of Turku’s art collection, is the result of collaboration between the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) and the Museum Centre of Turku. The work’s origins trace back to a training event titled ‘Mediataide kylässä – kohti pikselimuraalia’ (Visiting Media Art – Towards the Pixel Mural) that was held at WAM in 2018. Based on this event, the Museum Centre of Turku commissioned two works to be showcased on the LED display of Turku City Theatre. The works are funded by Taike.

These procurements laid the groundwork for the Pixel Mural collection, the idea of which is to increase the presentation of media art in the urban space.

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Photo: Turun Anikistit ry / Reetta Halkosaari, still image of the media artwork Näytönsäästäjä.