City of Turku has been selected as the best climate city in Europe in the category of mid-sized cities. The best large climate city is Turin and the small one Montaione, Italy.

Best mid-sized Climate City

Due to the covid-19 situation and cancellation of the Award Ceremony of 4 March at European Parliament, European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson announced the winners in a video-speech released in the evening of 17 June. The evaluation was carried out by European Commission DG Joint Research Center and the Covenant of Mayors Office and based on the cities’ applications plus the extensive set of data and reporting submitted by the cities to the Covenant of Mayors system / database.

Turku is Finland’s oldest city and a global frontrunner for climate action and circular economy. Turku has already transformed the energy system from fossils to renewables and cut over a third of the area’s greenhouse-gas-emissions from the level of 1990. By 2021 the emissions will be halved and by 2029 Turku will be one of the first Climate-positive areas in the world.

Turku is implementing an ambitious Climate Plan, adopted unanimously by the City Council. The main goals are to become a Climate-positive area by 2029, to prepare for the impacts of Climate Change and to promote circular economy. The transition utilizes best available scientific knowledge and co-creation with partners and seeks to mobilize the whole civic society.

Over 10.000 cities and regions with altogether close to 320 million inhabitants have joined the European Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy so far. The Covenant signatories aim at reducing green-house-gas emissions faster than set as goals by the EU and carrying out ambitious Climate policies.

City of Turku has been part of the European Covenant of Mayors since 2010 and has benefited in setting targets, defining actions, monitoring progress and sharing experiences in unified format between thousands of cities in Europe. The city reports annually through CDP, is an active member of ICLEI and contributes to several international sustainable development projects, partnerships and events, including the UN Climate conferences.

In 2029 Turku will celebrate its eight-hundredth anniversary. The best gift created together with the whole society is the carbon-neutral city.