Restrictions caused by the coronavirus epidemic are eased at sports facilities maintained by the City of Turku from Monday 22 June onwards. For example, the area-specific restrictions on number of people at outdoor swimming stadiums are eased and the pool-specific restrictions on number of people are removed.

Further information:

In practice, everyday life at sports facilities has demonstrated that some of the current restrictions can be eased partially or removed entirely while still taking into account prevention of the spread of coronavirus epidemic and following instructions given by authorities.

- As the situation of coronavirus epidemic has changed, we want to offer more city residents, clubs and associations an opportunity to exercise for wellbeing and for practice activities with slightly bigger group sizes, City of Turku Sports Services Director Markus Kalmari states.

Changes to be seen at outdoor swimming stadiums

As the state of emergency declared due to the coronavirus epidemic is over, restrictions are eased at City of Turku sports facilities. The area-specific restriction on number of people at outdoor swimming stadiums is changed from 200 persons to 400 persons per outdoor swimming stadium. The pool-specific restrictions will be removed at pools of outdoor swimming stadiums and Impivaara swimming centre. Staff at swimming facilities monitor that the necessary safety distances are maintained.

Also the using time limit at sports facilities is eased. The current two-hour limit will be removed and it will possible to spend four hours maximum at outdoor swimming stadiums. The saunas of swimming facilities are opened from 29 June onwards. 

As means of payment at sports facilities, card payment or loading of exercise wristbands online is still preferred but from 29 June 2020 onwards, customer service points at sports services also begin to accept cash.

Sports facility users must continue to act responsibly

It is still important for all users to follow currently valid policies e.g. on safety distances, personal health and restrictions to gathering. Everyone is responsible for following the provided recommendations, instructions and orders, thus also securing the health of those around them.

Have an active summer!