An international idea competition for the Linnanniemi area in the surroundings of Turku Castle took place between 9 January and 28 May 2020. An exceptional number of proposals from both Finland and abroad was submitted for the competition concerning a unique area. The competition entries are available for public commenting between 25 June and 5 August 2020.

Press material: "Linnanniemi - Maritime Hub of the City of Turku" (pdf)

The website of the competition:

The competition proposals for the Linnanniemi area can be commented on at

The opportunity for commenting through the Kerro kantasi (Voice your opinion) service is open nearly all summer because 127 proposals in total are assessed and it takes time to engage with them.

- A very respectable selection of proposals was submitted for the competition. Already at this point, I would like to thank all working groups that took part in the competition and put tens of thousands of working hours into developing Turku, says Mayor Minna Arve, chair of the competition jury.

The public is encouraged to look at the proposals particularly from the viewpoint of how the historical and maritime aspects of Linnanniemi have been taken into account and how the proposed structural, functional and mobility-related solutions enhance versatile use of the area.

- However, all kinds of observations are important to us and we are grateful if city residents take the time to make them. The jury will consider the comments made by the public and the comments will also provide support for upcoming decisions to be made regarding the Linnanniemi area, says Director of Urban Planning Timo Hintsanen, vice chair of the competition jury.

The competition provides a good basis for value discussion regarding the area: what is the relation of public urban space in the area to other construction?

- The time span of implementation in the area is long. We are now heading for changes in passenger transport arrangements in the port. In addition, one of the first things to be decided on is the location of the upcoming Museum of History and the Future. The competition has produced a considerable number of options for it and over ten profoundly different solutions can be found among them, says Hintsanen.

The competition proposals include many functional ideas and ideas involving events, ranging from sea aquariums to game areas and from dance pavilions to spas. The proposals also involve many parks in their natural state, maritime housing and solutions in line with sustainable development.

- At one extreme, the competition proposals involve turning the area back into a nearly natural state and at the other, creating a full-scale urban city district. In just about all proposals, public urban space is considered a valued element of Linnanniemi: parks, plazas, waterfront areas, terraces, Hintsanen says.

The entries will remain on display even after the time for commenting has ended. Some of them will also be presented in an exhibition organised in Turku in the autumn. The jury of the competition aims at making the decision in a way that the result can be made public in September. The international idea competition for the Linnanniemi area was open to all and it was organised by the City of Turku in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) and the Finnish Association of Landscape Architects (MARK).