What should I keep in mind regarding school health care services during the coronavirus epidemic? When should I contact the school nurse and when should I call the coronavirus helpline or service number for booking appointments at health stations?

Please note that due to the coronavirus situation, it is important to follow the instructions and recommendations of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare: Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest Updates

School health care at schools functions as normally as possible and health check-ups for pupils begin as soon as the term starts. Due to the coronavirus situation, we need to limit visiting the school nurse freely. School nurses are available for walk-in appointments during specific visiting hours. Pupils can also book an appointment in advance. The times of visiting hours vary by school and they are announced e.g. via Wilma.

You cannot visit the school nurse if you are ill

School nurses can be visited e.g. in matters of growth, development, mental health, sexual health, social relationships and accidents taking place in school. In case of sudden illness and accidents that take place during free time, the primary provider of care is your own health station.

You cannot visit the school nurse if you have respiratory tract symptoms or gastrointestinal symptoms or you have been ordered into isolation or quarantine. If the pupil falls ill during schoolday, the teacher advises them to go home.

The centralised coronavirus helpline of school and student health care, tel. +358 2 266 2012

  • Helpline is available between 8 am and 3 pm from Monday to Thursday and between 8 am and 12 pm (noon) on Friday.

Calls are taken by nurses in school and student health care. They provide guidance and instructions in matters related to coronavirus. When necessary, they also provide referrals for coronavirus testing. The service is intended for pupils in basic education, upper secondary school students and students in vocational institutions and universities of applied sciences. In other matters related to health and wellbeing, please contact the school nurse of your school.

In case of respiratory tract symptoms, please contact the City of Turku coronavirus helpline. Testing is currently recommended even if you have mild symptoms.

  • tel. +358 2 266 2714 Mon-Fri from 8 am to 3 pm.

In case of other illnesses, please contact your own health station.

  • tel. +358 2 266 1130

During evenings and weekends, urgent help is available at the paediatric emergency clinic of Turku University Hospital

  • tel. +358 2 313 1420 and

at Tyks Acute (for adolescents over 16 years of age)

  • tel. +358 2 313 8800

We are currently living in exceptional times. This may cause worries and fears and put our psychological capacity and wellbeing into test. If you are worried about the wellbeing of your child, adolescent or family, please contact the school nurse.