Coronavirus infections in Finland are on the rise. The City of Turku underlines that we all have a shared responsibility to mitigate the consequences of the second wave of coronavirus.


Use of face mask recommended

As schools start, the City of Turku recommends the use of face masks for all passengers in public transport. During rush hours, buses may be crowded and it may not be possible to keep safety distances. Whenever possible, travel should take place outside rush hours. We also recommend that you continue to avoid using cash. Please use a mobile ticket instead or load a travel card online, for instance.

Also the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommends using a face mask, when

  • you are in public transport where it is difficult to avoid close contacts
  • you are on your way to take a coronavirus test and are waiting for the test results and have an urgent reason to spend time outside your home
  • you are returning to Finland from a risk area and are travelling from the place of arrival, such as an airport, to quarantine and also if you have an urgent reason to spend time outside your home during quarantine. 

Further information: Recommendation for the use of face masks (the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare)

All residents have the responsibility to acquire their own masks. The City of Turku is prepared to distribute face masks for the economically disadvantaged starting from next week.

The City of Turku also provides and pays for masks for city employees whose work involves a recommendation issued by the Government to use a mask.

Stay home if you are ill

It is important that Turku residents continue the efficient measure that started off well last spring: remembering safety distances, good hand hygiene and coughing into your elbow. Don’t go to work, school or day care if you are ill.

– All of us have a considerable impact on how the epidemic spreads now and whether we can keep it under control together, says Mayor of Turku Minna Arve

Travelling is a risk

Travelling increases the risk of coronavirus spreading. Anyone returning from abroad must keep an eye on their health condition and get tested if they have any reason whatsoever to suspect they may have caught coronavirus.

Please avoid non-essential travel into all countries except those from which you can currently arrive in Finland without restrictions.

The up-to-date list of countries you can travel to without restrictions can be found on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Finnish citizens always have the right to return to Finland.

Anyone arriving in Finland from countries with travel restrictions must self-isolate for 14 days. Self-isolating means that the person stays home and avoids close contacts. It is recommended that a child in self-isolation should not take part in early childhood education and care or basic education. The same applies to adults regarding going to work. Please note that you must self-isolate even if you have been tested negative for coronavirus.

Further information: Do not hesitate to get tested for coronavirus after returning to Finland

The situation is monitored in schools

In schools, the same special arrangements apply as in late spring. Schools are prepared to begin distance teaching rapidly, if needed. Schools start in mid-August as contact teaching in all educational institutions in Turku. The situation is closely monitored.

If anyone attending early childhood education and care, basic education, upper secondary school or Turku Vocational Institute has been abroad less than 2 weeks before the beginning of studies, school or care, they or their guardian must contact the personnel of the day-care centre or educational institution about self-isolation. The self-isolation of 14 days applies to specific countries that have been indicated separately and where travel restrictions apply.

Safety instructions followed in City of Turku services

The City of Turku personnel has been given a recommendation on 5 August to continue remote work during August in jobs where remote work is possible. Instructions for returning to work are being prepared. While guidelines for returning to work are under preparation, a wider change in working life that has taken place on an accelerated schedule due to coronavirus is also taken into consideration.

When meeting clients, safety instructions continue to be followed just as before. Museums, libraries, swimming facilities and other activities opened in June will remain open and safety instructions con-tinue to be applied. 

The operating of trust bodies has started after the summer season and the first City Board meeting took place on Monday 10 August. Meetings of the City Board and its sections are held as remote meetings during August. The trust bodies themselves get to decide how their meetings are organised but the City of Turku recommends remote meetings for the duration of August at least. The meeting of the City Council on 24 August is held at Turku City Hall. The coronavirus situation will be taken into consideration. Information regarding arrangements such as participation of public and media will be announced later.