The new testing point in Varissuo is opened on Tuesday 25 August in the Majanummi building. Residents in the area can get tested for coronavirus on weekdays between 10 am and 1 pm. There is no need to book an appointment. Volunteers of the Finnish Red Cross are distributing information leaflets about coronavirus in the area.

Further information:

The coronavirus testing point in Varissuo serves customers of Varissuo health station living in Varissuo, Lauste and Pääskyvuori, making it easier for them to get tested. Earlier in August, a child in Hintsankuja day care centre tested positive for coronavirus. One case of coronavirus infection has also been confirmed at Turun normaalikoulu upper secondary school.

The testing point is situated in the Majanummi building, located at Hintsankuja 4 (the end of the building nearer to the shopping centre). Tykslab personnel is in charge of testing. Customers queue outside and samples are also taken outside. When queuing, it is important to keep safety distances and take care of hygiene.

– You can come and get tested without booking a time slot for testing. The customer is first given a referral for testing and the sample is then taken, says head nurse at Varissuo health station Katariina Kantonen.

The testing point is initially open on weekdays from 10 am to 1 pm.

– If necessary, the opening time is extended on the basis of demand, says Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases of the City of Turku Jutta Peltoniemi.

Volunteers needed for distributing information leaflets

Last week, the City of Turku asked the Finnish Red Cross to help with distributing leaflets in the area of Varissuo. Information leaflets distributed by volunteers are available in several languages. This helps advance equal availability of information for all. Information leaflets are also available at the testing point.

More volunteers are needed for sharing leaflets. The Red Cross will provide the necessary training.

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