Koronavilkku is an application produced by the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare designed to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. The app is available for download at app stores.

Latest information and instructions

With the help of the Koronavilkku app, those exposed to coronavirus – including persons that the infected individuals don’t know personally – can be contacted more rapidly and more extensively. Users of the app receive an alert of potential exposure and instructions on what to do.

In addition, users of the app can anonymously inform others about their coronavirus infection, thus helping to stop chains of infection. App users who have been notified about potential exposure can ask to be contacted by health care or contact health care themselves.

Privacy protected

When using the app, your privacy is strongly protected. Koronavilkku does not store your name, date of birth or contact details. It cannot identify you or the people you come into contact with. The app does not collect information about where you are.

Using the app is voluntary. In development work, special attention is paid to the realisation of fundamental rights, data protection and data security.

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