The whole of Turku reads for the third time in October. The month-long campaign encourages reading to promote literacy. We are off to a flying start already on 28.9. with the publication of Dive into the Story, a handbook that provides tips to support literacy.

- In addition to being fun entertainment, literacy opens many doors: to cope in society and in life and to cope with everyday life. So let's have fun! Everyone reads: for themselves, loud, quietly, for a child or even for a pet, the most important thing is that reading is fun, encourages service manager Sanna Hernelahti.

Dive into the story - Reading gives power

Children's reading skills are already supported on 28.9. with the launch of the guide Dive into the story in several languages, which provides practical advice to support literacy for both families and professionals.

Turku City Library organizes various types of reading-related programs for children, in Finnish and Swedish. Preschools and clubs in Turku invest in reading during the month. Children are also encouraged to share their own favorite books and reading tips. The libraries collect tips and share them on social media with the tag #kokoturkulukee.

Turku-based reading challenge for adults

The reading challenge in Turku challenges Turku residents to look at the whole city in a literary context: as a place for stories and as a written landscape.

Those who take up the challenge can read a love story from Turku, for example a book about Turku Castle and another about the neighbourhood Varissuo. The challenge also includes things that one can do: to go from Turku Castle to Varissuo, for example by bike, and enjoy a bishop's monk and at the same time read at a café.

The library also suggests that participants challenge others to the reading challenge and share the challenge on social media with the tag #turkulainenlukuhaaste.

Reading is important! Come and read!

In addition to the city of Turku, Turku and St. Karin's parishes and Mannerheim's child welfare association participate in this campaign for reading.