Overall, 336 coronavirus infections have been detected in Turku (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, 30 September 11 am). The majority of those infected are young adults. The development of the coronavirus situation in Turku is monitored actively.

The regional steering group led by the Hospital District of Southwest Finland gathers on Friday 2 October to discuss regional recommendations, among other things.

- I continue to be concerned about evening get-togethers during free time. It is very risky to gather in a big group in facilities with little space to spend time together. This means that several people become exposed to potential infections at the same time. Recently, infections have also been detected among persons arriving from abroad. It is high time for everyone to share responsibility over coronavirus precautions, says Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases Jutta Peltoniemi.

In public transport, all passengers should use a mask covering their nose and mouth. At the moment, coronavirus testing in Turku can be accessed rapidly and the results also arrive quickly.

Finnish Red Cross volunteers meet passengers in the port and at the airport

This week, the Finnish Red Cross has been present at Turku Airport to meet all flights arriving in Turku from countries that represent the red category of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare traffic light model. At the moment, only occasional flights arrive in Turku from countries in the red category, but the number will increase from 5 October onwards. The Finnish Red Cross volunteers distribute general instructions related to coronavirus by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and instructions on self-isolation. In the port, the Finnish Red Cross volunteers will meet passengers in the port terminal and they will distribute instructions on self-isolation for those arriving from Sweden. Passengers arriving via car lane are given instructions in connection with check-in in when leaving Sweden.

Starting from 1 October, it is recommended that anyone arriving from abroad should have a certificate proving a negative coronavirus test result. The next coronavirus test is taken 72 hours from the previous test at the earliest. In this way, the duration of self-isolation can be cut down. People arriving in Finland will get tested in the area of their stay.