What does a climate-sustainable lifestyle look like? Tell us by making a creative video and inspire others to join. Prizes worth of 2000 euros in total.


The objective of Turku is to be climate neutral in 2029. With City of Turku measures, emissions in the area can be reduced approximately by half but for the remaining part, we need residents, communities and businesses to join! In 2020, Turku was selected the winner of European Covenant of Mayors Climate Award 2020 as the best mid-sized climate city. Turku has reduced greenhouse gas emissions approximately by half compared to 1990’s.

Read more about the City of Turku climate work at www.turku.fi/en/carbonneutralturku

Links and more information about 1.5-degree life:

In collaboration with Turku Youth Council, the City of Turku challenges you to share your best everyday climate tips by means of video art.

Dance, sing, rap, recite, put on a performance, make a short film or use any other suitable way for you. Your imagination is the only limit!

The vote on winners will take place on the City of Turku’s webpage in January-February 2021. Turku has also challenged Japanese cities to take part in the competition. A compilation of the best videos will be made for the COP26 UN climate change conference.

By 1.5-degree life we mean a lifestyle that is sustainable and climate friendly - a lifestyle that does not accelerate climate change or overconsume nature. 1.5 degrees refers to the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Did you know that if everyone lived like Finns, we would need four earths!

Watch the promotional video for this competition

Competition rules:

The maximum length of videos is 3 minutes.

Send your video to ilmasto@turku.fi. You can use e.g. WeTransfer or another service for sending your video. Please name the file as follows: name of piece_surnames of authors. In the message field, include people who have participated in making the video and include contact details for one person.

The jury will select the best videos that will proceed to a vote on social media. City residents will select the winner by vote on February 2021. The jury consists of members of the City of Turku climate team and Turku Youth Council.

The competition is open between 1 November and 31 December 2020. If you would like to participate, submit your video within this timeframe.

The maximum age of participants is 29 years.


  1. First prize 1000 euros
  2. Second prize 600 euros
  3. Third prize 400 euros

Participants can use any language they wish in their video. If they select a language other than Finnish, Swedish or English, subtitles are recommended. We do not accept videos that contain discrimination or racist content or that deviate from the competition theme.

The competition is carried out with funding by the Ministry of the Environment as part of Kuntien ilmastohankkeet (‘Municipal climate projects’) collaboration.

See more precise rules of the competition down below.

International cooperation

Turku has challenged the Yokohama city, Nagano city and Obuse town to take part of the competition simultaneously in Japan. Yokohama will join Turku’s campaign by selecting 3 best videos and sending them to Turku for separated category of international voting where Yokohama’s winner will be chosen. Turku’s cooperating with Yokohama is based on Green Circular Cities Coalition – city network.  

As a part of IUC – International Urban Cooperation program Turku has invited also Nagano city and Obuse Town to the campaign. These cities select the winners with a local jury and share the winner videos with Turku in February.  Link to the campaign webpage

Through Circular Turku project  ICLEI network is supporting in framing and disseminating the campaign, and connecting it to global climate action processes such as COP26.

Further information: ilmasto@turku.fi

Competition rules in detail

Participation time is 01.11-31.12.2020

Videos must be made in good taste. They should not violate any person’s privacy or copyright.

The participant is responsible for having:

  • the right to publish the content of the video
  • the permission of the persons in the video to publish the video
  • the permission of the parents of any under 18-year-old participant in the video to publish it

By taking part in the competition the participant is giving the city of Turku rights to:

  • Use the videos in the communications of 1.5 degree life – campaign and in other climate communications of the city
  • Cut part of the video in a compilation that is being used in marketing the campaign
  • Send the video as a part of the compilation to the UN climate summit
  • Possible other uses will be agreed separately

More precise terms of publication and use of the published videos will be agreed beforehand with the authors.

Choosing the winners and processing personal information

There is a two-staged process for choosing the winners in the Turku category. During January 2020, the panel will choose a maximum of 10 best videos which will then be made available online for final voting by the public. The panel consists of City of Turku’s climate team members and the city of Turku’s Youth council members.

When rating the videos the panel is especially paying attention to creativity and originality. The contents of the videos should give inspiration and realizations for the audience on how to implement climate friendly lifestyles in everyday life.

The videos that are chosen to be in the final voting will be published in Turku’s youtube channel in February. Voting is open to everyone. Simultaneously there will be an international category where the winner of Yokohama will be voted. 

The city of Turku will personally contact the authors of the videos that will be chosen for the final voting. By taking part in the competition the participant is giving the right for processing the personal data according to the privacy policy of city of Turku.

The participant provides the City of Turku the right to use the participant’s name in 1.5 degree life campaign communications.

The responsibility of the organizer

The city of Turku is not responding to any taxation possibility related to the prizes. The city of Turku is not responding any problems related to information technology or other barriers related to taking part in the competition.

Other terms and conditions

By participating in the competition, the participant agrees to the competition rules. The City of Turku reserves the right to make changes to the competition.

The competition is organized by the city of Turku. Youtube or Facebook are not taking part in organizing the competition.