Check the latest recommendations and restrictions related to coronavirus in Turku e.g. in city services and hobby activities. (Updated 29.12.2022.)


Recommendations for all

Recommendations for Southwest Finland can be found on the website of the Southwest Finland Hospital District: Coronavirus epidemic 2021, Southwest Finland Hospital District

Recommendations on wearing a mask

The general recommendation for using masks has ended inTurku municipal services. In accordance with policy set by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the coronavirus epidemic coordination group in Southwest Finland has decided to remove the general recommendation for using masks in Southwest Finland as of Friday, 22 April. 

The use of masks is still recommended in the following situations: 

  • in indoor public spaces and on modes of transport to get to a test or treatment for a suspected coronavirus infection
  • if there are symptoms of respiratory infection, but moving outside the home is essential
  • if someone knows they have been exposed to coronavirus (for example, infections have been diagnosed in the family) and close contacts cannot be avoided.

Exercising good hand hygiene remains important. Those with flu symptoms should stay at home.

The use of masks in Southwest Finland is still recommended for personnel and visitors: 

  • at all health care service locations (hospitals, health centres, offices, and maternity and child care clinics)
  • at institutions offering round-the-clock care
  • in units of care for the disabled
  • in institutional care and home care for the elderly and those in high-risk groups, and in social work, if necessary

Turku distributes masks in

  • Monitori Skanssi (on Monday to Thursday 9 am – 6 pm and Friday 9 am –5 pm)
  • Monitori Market Square (on weekdays 9 am–6 pm and on Saturday 10 am –3 pm)
  • Social services, Linnankatu 23, (Eskeli), (on weekdays 8.15 am –3.45 pm)

Recommendations for schools and daycare

  • For guardians of children in basic education: 
    Day-care centres continue to operate as normal.
    Clubs and parks continue to operate as normal.
    Open day care continue to operate as normal.
  • Comprehensive school pupils: Autumn term Wed 10 Aug– Wed 21 Dec 2022
    Lower comprehensive schools, upper comprehensive schools, lower comprehensive school clubs, school clubs in upper comprehensive schools, basic education morning and afternoon clubs: in contact teaching.
    For more information (e.g. school meals): in Wilma
  • Students in upper secondary education: Autumn term Wed 10 Aug– Wed 21 Dec 2022
    Vocational education and training in contact teaching.
    Upper secondary schools: in contact teaching.
    For more information: in Wilma.
  • Finnish Adult Education Center of Turku and Åbo svenska arbetarinstitut:
    Finnish Adult Education Center of Turku and “Arbis”, the Swedish Adult Education Center of Turku in contact teaching. 

Using public spaces

  • Turku libraries: 
    Library services are in normal use.
  • Turku City Museums:
    For more information
  • Turku Philharmonic Orchestra: 
    Information about concerts, programmes and safety instructions can be found here. 
  • Turku City Theatre: 
    Further information can be found in Finnish on the website of Turku City Theatre.

Hobby activities

Sports Services

Sports facilities maintained by the City of Turku 

General instructions:

  • If you go to sports facilities, follow the general instructions on hand hygiene and coughing. 
  • You should not go to sports facilities if you are sick or have flu symptoms.

Youth Services:

The youth services are normally available. 

    Visiting City of Turku service points

    • The City of Turku continues to recommend the use of face masks in certain service locations of municipal health care and social services.
    • Services for the elderly: 
      In City of Turku services for the elderly, instructions have been made for visits of the next of kin in the facilities of housing services.
      A nurse accompanies the resident to the meeting and back, provides guidance for the next of kin and offers protective wear. During these visits, a surgical mask or a visor covering the entire face must be used throughout (obligatory). Using a surgical mask adequately requires that the mask covers the mouth as well nose. The mask should not be removed and then put back on. Don’t touch the mask during use. If the next of kin and resident go outside the unit, they are advised to maintain good hand hygiene and wear a surgical mask in public spaces.
    • Visits of the next of kin to Turku City Hospital and Kaskenlinna Hospital: Restrictions regarding hospital visits have been lifted - instructions for safe visits
    • Opening hours of health clinics, out-patient clinics, and child health clinics:
      Turku recommends wearing a mask when visiting the clinic.