In Study in Turku’s Study & Career in Turku video series, those who studied in Turku explain why they chose the city as their place of study, what their higher education studies have provided them, and how they have ended up in their current jobs. The video series' alumni and their careers are a good example of why it is worth staying in Turku after completing your studies.

- The purpose of the video series is to tell students who are already in Turku, as well as those looking to come here to study, about different career paths, and to shed light on what kind of a study and workplace Turku is. The 40,000 students from the six institutes of higher education, and the alumni who have graduated from Turku, represent new creative, interdisciplinary and international competence opportunities for urban development and the region's business, video project leader Charlotta Wendelin from Study in Turku says.

The first video presents an alumnus from the University of Turku: the Mayor of Turku, Minna Arve. Born in the city, Arve has degrees in economics and nursing. Arve has been the Mayor of Turku since 2017.

- Turku is the best place in the world to be a student. We have worked hard with universities and student associations to improve student life, enjoyment and services in this city, says Arve in the video.

The video series showcases a total of 13 alumni from each of Turku's six institutes of higher education. The videos have been produced in cooperation with all of the alumni coordinators at every institute of higher education in Turku.

The video series can be viewed in its entirety on the Study in Turku YouTube account as its own Study & Career in Turku playlist.