The regional corona prevention group of Southwest Finland issued new recommendations and restrictions on Tuesday 1 December to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Decisions concerning the City of Turku Education Division have already been made.

On 1 December, the regional corona prevention group of Southwest Finland proposed new recommendations to control the coronavirus situation. The City of Turku Education Division has decided to adhere to recommendations at all levels of education as soon as possible.

In Turku Vocational Institute, distance teaching continues. Upper secondary schools will proceed to distance teaching on 7 December. Contact teaching continues in comprehensive schools unless school-specific exposures occur. Using masks during all classes is recommended for pupils in upper comprehensive schools.

Safe learning environment to be secured for pupils and students

The most significant changes concern upper secondary education. Katedralskolan will proceed to distance teaching on Thursday 3 December. In other upper secondary schools in Turku, distance teaching begins on 7 December.

 In Turku Vocational Institute, a hybrid model in distance teaching was taken into use on 23 November. This model involves a mix of contact teaching and distance teaching. Students will take turns in contact teaching so that safety distances can be secured better. Workplace-based learning will continue as planned.

– The model has proved to be good and decisions on how to carry out teaching are made by school building and by educational unit as considered appropriate by heads of education, says Director of the Education Division Timo Jalonen.

Distance teaching also continues in Turku Vocational Institute until the end of term.

Contact teaching in the Finnish Adult Education Center of Turku and Åbo svenska arbetarinstitut ends this week on 4 December.

Operating of day care units continues as normal. Contact teaching in comprehensive schools continues. The recommendation on masks in upper comprehensive schools previously only applied to optional subjects but will now extend to all education in upper comprehensive schools. The pupils will receive masks free of charge by their school.

If chains of infection appear, temporary distance teaching is applied in schools to break chains of infections and to enhance tracking. If any infections are detected, the entire education group is ordered into quarantine. School staff continues to wear masks or visors. Staff working with the youngest children use protective wear where possible.