On Tuesday 8 December, the first coronavirus testing unit built inside a bus was launched in Turku. The coronavirus prevention bus is a joint effort between the City of Turku and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland. The objective is to take testing capacity to areas in Turku that are easily accessible for residents.


Halinen, Huudi (address Gregorius IX:n tie 8)
Mon–Fri 9 am–11 am

Perno, sand field located opposite Höveli (address Hyrköistentie 26)
Mon–Fri 12 noon–2 pm


The testing point of Varissuo continues to function in the facilities of Varissuo health station
Mon–Fri 9 am–11 am and 12 noon–2 pm

On weekdays from 8 December onwards, the coronavirus prevention bus parks in front of Huudi in Halinen between 9 am and 11 am. From there, the bus heads to a sand field opposite Höveli in Perno and accepts customers between 12 noon and 2 pm. You can get tested without a laboratory referral and you don’t need to book an appointment. Test is free of charge.

The bus offers testing and information on coronavirus in several languages. This is a new and unique way to bring testing to different areas in a moving unit. 

- With this bus, it is easier for us to transfer testing capacity to areas from where it is difficult for a person with symptoms to head to drive-in testing points, says the Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases at the City of Turku Jutta Peltoniemi. 

Turku and Hospital District of Southwest Finland have constantly been looking for new creative ways to test people effortlessly and safely.

- It has been interesting to take part in creating the coronavirus prevention bus. This has proceeded really quickly, as the idea came up in late November and now we already get moving. The staff of the bus includes one person making the symptom assessment and referral from the City of Turku Welfare Division and two Tykslab samplers. Samples are analysed daily in the clinical microbiology laboratory of Turku University Hospital. We hope the customers will find their way to our bus as easily as they did to the drive-in testing point that was established in September in the parking hall of Turku University Main Hospital, says Special Planner Anna-Elina Lehtonen from Tyks Laboratory Division.

Built as suitable for testing

The front area of the bus is intended for registering a referral for coronavirus testing and the test is taken in the middle area of the bus. The bus has been built suitable for testing and unnecessary seats have been removed. Testing on the bus is not reliant on changing weather circumstances, as it takes place inside the bus. The interior of the bus has been designed for this purpose.

When queueing outside for testing, safety distances have to be maintained. We recommend wearing a mask when you arrive for testing.

The City of Turku has rented the bus for their use. Testing staff are Tykslab personnel. City of Turku employees also register the referral for testing.

The stops have been precisely determined in advance, as the staff needs a power connection for their work, for instance.