On 22 April 2021, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare issued guidelines regarding hospital visits. The restrictions regarding hospital visits have been lifted, but as the coronavirus epidemic continues, the visits must still be organised safely. For this reason, it is important to follow the instructions regarding hospital visits.

Further information

The following instructions apply to the wards of Turku City Hospital and Kaskenlinna Hospital:

  • Visits are arranged beforehand when possible.
  • Only healthy and completely asymptomatic visitors can come.
  • Instructions for a safe hospital visit are given to visitors before they come to visit a patient.
  • As a rule, only up to 2 visitors are allowed at a time. Only up to 2–4 visitors are allowed at a time in patient rooms, depending on the size of the patient rooms.
  • Visitors must take care of good hand hygiene.
  • Unless there are health-related reasons not to, a proper use of masks is required during hospital visits to ensure the safety of patients and other people.
  • The personnel will instruct visitors to maintain good hand hygiene and use face masks. They will also provide masks for the visit if needed.
  • Visitors must maintain a distance of at least 2 metres to other patients and personnel.
  • Visitors must not wander around the shared areas of the hospital, but rather go directly to the patient rooms.
  • As a rule, visitors may come during the visiting hours.
  • The hospital’s canteen facilities can be used, and outdoor visits are also allowed. It is recommended that both the visitors and the patients use a face mask, especially if a safe distance of over 2 metres cannot be maintained.