The library's corona restrictions will be relaxed from 1 March 2021. The library spaces are opened so that customers can go to the shelves themselves. Still, only quick visits are possible. Services that re-quire a longer stay available.


  • Use a mask and keep the safety distance!
  • Short-term visits only (max.15 min): borrow, return or pick up your reservation. Make reservations and manage your loans online at
  • Only short-term use of computers and printers (max 15 min).
  • Library events are online only in our social media outlets until 10.3.2021



  • open on weekdays from 9 to 15
  • closed on weekends.

The limited library services

The library's lending service is expanded so that customers can search for material on the shelves themselves, both in the main library and in the branch libraries. Computers can be used for quick errands. The departments in the main library are opened to a limited extent and the front door to the old part is opened. The external slot for returning of books to the main library will be open even during opening hours.

The reading places, meeting rooms and computers for longer use are out of use. Bookable services such as digitization, 3D printing and the music room are not available. It is not possible to read newspapers, only such magazines that can be borrowed are available. The self-service hours of the branch libraries are not in use.

We ask our customers who visit the library to wear a mask and pay attention to safety distances. The number of visitors is monitored and access to the library can be limited if necessary. The library recommends contactless payment and online payment.

The Mobile Library buses follow their normal schedule. Only 1-2 customers or a family can attend at one time. At school or daycare stops only a teacher or a person in charge of library visits can attend. 

Library events virtual until 10.3.

All events in the library are only arranged remotely until March 10, 2021.

Group visits to the library are canceled or performed virtually. There are separate instructions for school groups. 

Home services are performed normally in accordance with the hygiene instructions.