Continuous distance learning can be a burden for students. Many suffer from a lack of motivation, and they may even be threatened with interruption of studies. Student events and other encounters being cancelled, loneliness can increase and threaten students' well-being. Fortunately there is help available.

It is advisable to seek help if you feel constantly anxious, worried or lonely or if studying feels like a burden and you suffer from a lack of motivation. 

Support and guidance for challenges related to distance learning is provided by Study Counselling Psychologists, Study Counsellors and tutors. In addition, school priests offer counselling on anything that afflicts the mind. You can ask about these services from your own university.

Peer support for a difficult situation

If anything is comforting in the pandemic, it is the fact that no one is alone in the situation. You can easily find peer support among other students. You can also contact the student organisation of your own university in all matters related to studies. You will get help from the organisation's expert to clarify the situation, and if necessary, the expert can guide you forward.

Student organisations also arrange various virtual events. Although they are not a substitute for physical encounters, they can still alleviate loneliness and provide peer support.

Peer tutors are also familiar with your university's habits and know where to find help. You can turn to them when you need help. 

Conversational support from FSHS

If you are in a corona quarantine, Finnish Student Health Service FSHS offers conversational support over the phone. The support is available during weekdays between 10 am and 12 pm from the phone number 046 710 6132.

Get help from third-sector operators

Help is provided by third-sector operators as well.

Nyyti ry promotes the mental health and learning ability of students. It provides students with information, support and activities for mental wellbeing and coping.

Nyyti has a wide range of services to help you with challenging situations:

  • Group chat where you can talk about topics that affect student's everyday life.
  • NyytTalk broadcasts on themes related to student life and well-being.
  • Life skills section provides you with information, tips and tools which can help you enhance your own wellbeing.

Guidance and crisis assistance from Turku city services

Ohjaamo is a low-threshold service point in the centre of Turku. It provides services for under 30 years-olds. In ohjaamo you can get information and personal guidance among other things.

If you encounter a sudden psychological crisis, you can contact the joint emergency services of the Turku region. A unit for emergency services for mental illness and addiction problems operates in connection with the joint emergency services.

You can also contact to the Adult Social Work Unit if your life situation is getting too stressful to handle and you are not sure how to move forward.

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