New coronavirus infections have been detected among international exchange students in higher education in Turku. Student quarantines continue.

Coronavirus testing for students

Students can get tested for coronavirus on the coronavirus prevention bus in Halinen (Gregorius IX:n tie 8) on weekdays between 9:30 am and 11 am or at TYKS T-hospital.

Referral is not needed to get tested on the coronavirus prevention bus.

Investigation and tracking work of the coronavirus infection cluster among international exchange students in higher education detected last week is ongoing. Students who were ordered into isolation and quarantine were offered testing over the weekend.

In addition to the 71 infections detected earlier, approximately 10 new infections have been detected. The number is likely to rise further. New test results will be pouring in throughout this week. 

– It has been very challenging, but the weekend went better. There have been surprisingly few positive test results so far, states Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases Jutta Peltoniemi.

Situation remains serious

Thanks to quick, strong and clear measures, the worst is now over and under control. The City of Turku would like to thank everyone involved about excellent collaboration.

Nevertheless, the situation is still serious. Tracking work is still ongoing and Peltoniemi describes the work as challenging. 

– Further collaboration with higher education institutions, for instance, is still needed to see the situation through, Peltoniemi says.

Weekend peaceful in areas under surveillance

Southwestern Finland Police Department has monitored quarantines in the surroundings of student apartments since Friday evening. According to the police, the weekend was peaceful. There was very little movement in areas under surveillance and the situation was well under control.

– The surveillance of quarantine and isolation in accordance with the request for executive assistance was carried out through advice, instructions and requests. Measures taken by the police helped improve the efficiency of collaboration between authorities. Taking part in surveillance work did not reduce the ability of the police to undertake other tasks, says Superintendent Stephan Sundqvist from Southwestern Finland Police Department.

Request for assistance in force until Monday evening, surveillance continues

On Friday, the chief physician for infectious diseases gave the police force a request for executive assistance in accordance with section 89 of the Communicable Diseases Act.

The request for assistance is in force until 7 pm on Monday evening. The situation has calmed down so there is no need for further assistance after this.

– Plenty of work was needed during the weekend, but with the help of the police things went well, Jutta Peltoniemi states.  

After Monday evening, surveillance will continue in Turku Student Village and in the surroundings of the student apartments in Luolavuori and Varissuo by surveillance firms. Surveillance helps ensure that there are no gatherings among students and that shared facilities remain closed. Surveillance continues for this week at least.

Student quarantines continue

Students who have caught the infection or become exposed to coronavirus have been in isolation and quarantine. Quarantines continue with varying duration, depending on the situation.

The City of Turku has taken care of the wellbeing of students by delivering grocery bags and hygiene products at their doorstep. This aid continues. Higher education institutions offer students plenty of other help.

Contacts must be minimised, testing important even with mild symptoms

It is crucial that all adults comply with recommendations and restrictions related to the coronavirus situation. Contacts between adults must be minimised and it is important to get tested even with mild symptoms.

If you suspect having caught the virus in the epidemic cluster among higher education students, you must self-isolate and get tested. The same applies in situations where someone living in shared housing is found to have coronavirus.

Students can get tested for coronavirus on the coronavirus prevention bus in Halinen (Gregorius IX:n tie 8) on weekdays between 9:30 am and 11 am or at the drive-in testing point of TYKS parking building. A referral is needed in advance for testing at the drive-in testing point and a time slot must be booked beforehand.

A referral is not needed to get tested on the coronavirus prevention bus.