The Vaski libraries will migrate to a new integrated library system, Koha, in May. Migrating to a new system will bring new services and savings to the libraries.

The migration will take place from 19th May to 3rd of June. During this time, it's not possible to loan or return library items for 16 days, but the e-resources are available. There will be more information on the migration later in the spring.

Save your Loan History

Your current loan history will reset during the migration. If you wish to save your current loan history, you may create a copy of it as a favorite list. The loan history must be saved May 18th the latest.

How to save your loan history:

  1. Log in to the web library and go to your loan history page.
  2. Above the list is a button that says "Copy to favorites". Click the button, and a new popup window opens.
  3. You can add your loan history to an existing list or create a new one for it. If you create a new list, you can give it a name and a short description. Click "Save".
  4. Once you've selected the list you want, click "Save". The list is now on your Favorites page.

Koha offers new services to library's customers

In the new system, it is possible to lock your reservation. This way you can control that your reservation won't arrive in an inconvenient time, for example when you're out of town.

After the migration it's also possible to reset your PIN code in the web library in case you've forgotten it. This means that you no longer need to visit the library with an ID card to reset your PIN code.

Koha is an open source library system and used widely in Finnish libraries. It enables the Vaski libraries to have a more open collaboration between other libraries.