In Turku, 61 coronavirus infections were recorded on week 17 (April 26 – May 2, 2021). The incidence of coronavirus is currently around 95/100,000/14 days (3 May 2021). The percentage of tracked cases has been 83% throughout April. The sources of infection are still the same but infections contracted abroad have increased.

“The epidemic situation is now looking good. Turku has been very successful in combatting the epidemic, with around 500 infections per month in April, compared to around 1,500 in March,” says Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases Jutta Peltoniemi.

Restrictive measures need to be lifted gradually so that there will be no sudden changes in the infection status. The Southwest Finland is still in the community transmission phase of the epidemic and it is vital to take all precautions.

The City of Turku congratulates TPS for the success they have had in the ice hockey league so far and believes the team will win the Finnish championship. Turku will fly TPS’s flags in the city on the home game days. We ask the residents of Turku to join in the excitement of the finals by hanging your TPS jersey or flag to your window or balcony.

If victory comes, the local people are encouraged to celebrate within the coronavirus restrictions. The victory celebrations are planned to be organised virtually with TPS.

Rapid coronavirus screening tests in Varissuo

The City of Turku and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland are organizing rapid coronavirus screening tests for Varissuo residents in the parking garage of Varissuo Ice Rink on 6 May and 11 May from 10 am to 3 pm. The rapid test is free of charge and is intended especially for asymptomatic people living in Varissuo. Tests can be taken without an appointment or laboratory referral. The test result is completed in 15–30 minutes.  

“During the entire coronavirus epidemic, the most common coronavirus infections have occurred in Varissuo. We want to reduce the viral load in the area by using rapid tests received from the state. Screening testing is specifically intended for asymptomatic people. This is an antigen test to detect any acute infections,” Peltoniemi says.

Finland has received 250,000 high-quality quick tests as an emergency relief instrument financed by the EU, and rapid tests have been distributed to health care units through hospital districts. The screening of the asymptomatic population in Turku is the first of its kind to take place in Finland. 

Vaccines now available for people aged 56, SMS appointments to be sent to people aged 55

58,978 residents of Turku have received their first coronavirus vaccine (35% of over 16-year-old residents, 3 May 2021). The vaccination coverage is 89.5% for people over 80, 92.2% for people aged 70–79 and 78.3% for people aged 60–69.

At the moment, coronavirus vaccinations are administered at Turku Fair Center for:

  • residents of Turku aged 56 or more
  • people belonging to 1. and 2. medical risk groups.

Coronavirus vaccination appointments are still sent by text message to people aged 55.

In the future, all residents of Turku over the age of 18 must register for the coronavirus vaccinations by leaving their contact details on the registration page that will be launched shortly. The Leila robot will send vaccination appointments to those who have left their contact details in random by each age group at a time during May–August. The vaccination appointments will not be offered in the registration order but are offered starting from the oldest age group towards the youngest. 

“It is important that every age group receives their coronavirus vaccine. Turku’s coronavirus situation has been very serious throughout the spring. I recommend everyone over the age of 16 to get the coronavirus vaccine, so that we can return to normal life in the autumn. It is also important that people receive their second dose on time and do not cancel their appointments due to their summer holidays,” Jutta Peltoniemi points out.

The 16–17-year-old or older students covered by student health care will receive coronavirus vaccines from the student health care. More information will be announced when the vaccinations progress to the younger age groups.

Mandatory health examinations at the borders in force until the end of May

The Regional State Administrative Agency’s decision on mandatory health examination at border controls is in force until 31 May.

According to the decision, every passenger at both the port and the airport must attend to a health examination. The examination includes a coronavirus test if the passenger does not have a certificate of a past COVID-19 infection or a negative coronavirus test result by the country of origin.

This policy also pertains to flights arriving from Skopje, which started on Saturday 2 May. There were 54 passengers on the plane, 53 of which had a certificate. 16 passengers were tested for coronavirus infection and none of them tested positive.

Swimming facilities and gyms opening on 11 May

Turku’s swimming facilities, gyms and the Samppalinna Outdoor Swimming Stadium will open on Tuesday 11 May with capacity restrictions and without the possibility to use saunas. Indoor sports facilities will not be opened yet for adult exercise activities.  

The number of museum visitors to be increased from 11 May

The Pharmacy Museum and the Qwensel House, the Biological Museum, Luostarinmäki, Turku Castle, WAM and Brinkkala Gallery are open to the public, but the number of visitors is limited. Until 9 May, the museums admit only up to 10 visitors at any one time.  The number of museum visitors will be increased for each museum from 11 May onwards. 12–29-year-olds can visit the museums free of charge until 31 May 2021. All visitors need to book a timed slot for their visit in advance at