Turku residents over the age of 18 and those living in Turku can submit their contact details to myvaccine.turku.fi website for a vaccination appointment. After that you will be sent vaccination appointments by text message. (Updated 29.6.)

Leave your contact details on the registration page and receive vaccination appointment by text message.

The Leila robot will send vaccination appointments to those who have left their contact details in random at a time during May–August. The vaccination appointments will not be offered in the registration order. The website is available in three languages. You can also book appointment via eTerveyspalvelut or phone.

- During the spring, we have developed different ways to distribute coronavirus vaccination appointments to residents. Through the myvaccine.turku.fi website, we can manage vaccination appointments better, and local residents do not have to call the COVID-19 vaccination helpline or follow the opening of vaccination times online. Through the page, we can also have access to up-to-date contact details of the customers who mainly use the services of their occupational health care provider, says Suvi Vainiomäki, Chief Physician from City of Turku Welfare Division.

This way we can take into account the working age population who has received their vaccine from occupational health care services. Information about the residents’ vaccinations is not automatically transferred between the separate patient data systems of occupational health care services and municipal health care services. 

-The Leila robot cannot take into account that the majority of the working age people will receive their vaccine through their own occupational health care provider. If the robot would continue to send appointments to all residents, many would receive two vaccination appointments. We aim to solve this issue with the myvaccine.turku.fi page. If a resident has already left their contact details on the page but later receives the vaccine from their occupational health care provider, they must cancel their registration to the city’s vaccination, clarifies Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases Jutta Peltoniemi.

myvaccine.turku.fi service is perfectly safe and accessible

- With the myvaccine.turku.fi website, we can provide a steady flow of vaccination appointments. When it is the working-age people’s turn to get vaccinated, the appointment service would become congested with everyone trying to find free appointments at the same time, and it would make the customer experience very poor. The myvaccine.turku.fi page allows us to provide an easy way for the residents to get their vaccines, says Tapio Järvenpää, Project Director from the City of Turku.

The service requires strong customer authentication, which means the person logging in is required to have a Finnish personal identity code and bank ID code or some other strong authentication method. The service is intended for Turku residents. Submitting your personal information through the site is perfectly safe, and the service meets the required security standards. The website is also accessible.

If the time the Leila robot sent you is not good for you and you wish to cancel your appointment, you can do it or by calling the COVID-19 vaccination helpline (tel. 02 266 0159) and leaving a cancellation message at any time of the day. You can also cancel your appointment online through health care e-Services. After you have cancelled the appointment, book another vaccination appointment either online through health care e-Services or by calling the COVID-19 vaccination helpline. You cannot book another appointment through myvaccine.turku.fi website once the vaccination appointment has already been sent.

If you have already received a vaccination appointment through your occupational health care services, remember to delete your registration on the vaccination queue at myvaccine.turku.fi. If you have already been given an appointment, you can cancel it via the eHealthservices or by phone. This way we can use all the time slots available.

It is important that every age group receives their coronavirus vaccine

Turku’s coronavirus situation has been very serious throughout the spring. For this reason, the City of Turku encourages all residents to get the coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine protects both ourselves and our loved ones from severe coronavirus infection. 

Infocard about COVID-19 vaccinations

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