In Turku, 111 coronavirus infections were recorded on week 18 (May 3–9, 2021). The incidence of coronavirus is currently around 88/100,000/14 days (11 May 2021). The percentage of tracked cas-es is around 76%. In Turku, coronavirus infections are on the rise again. The number of positive tests has also increased significant-ly from last week.

-The epidemic situation is now at a critical stage as the infection rates have taken a turn for the worse. Infection rates now reflect the result of the May Day celebrations and get-togethers by the riverside. I hope that everyone will remember the gravity of the situation and take the necessary COVID-19 precautions,” says Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases Jutta Peltoniemi. 

Turku is still in the community transmission phase of the epidemic, and the infection rates should be brought down so that we can continue to ease the restrictions.

COVID-19 infections were also found in the rapid test screenings organised in Varissuo on 6 and 11 May. On 6 May, 157 people came to get tested, and five of them tested positive for coronavirus. The test results for 11 May are not yet available. 

Register for a COVID-19 vaccination at    

64,822 residents of Turku have received their first coronavirus vaccine (38.4% of over 16-year-old residents, 10 May 2021). The vaccination coverage is 89.7% for people over 80, 92.5% for people aged 70–79 and 82.3% for people aged 60–69. Right now, vaccines are available for people over the age of 50, and the vaccination coverage is currently 58.5% for people aged 50–55.  

The page was launched on Thursday 6 May. Residents must submit their contact details to the website, and they will be sent vaccination appointments by text message. The service is intended for all residents of Turku over the age of 18. Almost 25,000 residents of Turku have already submitted their contact details. Vaccination appointments are currently sent to people aged 50 and older. 

“The registration page is working extremely well, and we are happy about the successful launch of the service. We now welcome registrations from all residents of Turku aged 18 or older. Through the page, residents can book an appointment for the first dose, and the appointment for the second dose is given at the first appointment,” Chief Physician Suvi Vainiomäki points out. 

The Leila robot will send vaccination appointments to those who have left their contact details in random order by each age group at a time during May–August. The order of registration is not the vaccination order, but vaccination appointments are offered starting from the oldest age group towards the youngest. The registration can be easily removed from the system in case you receive the vaccine through your occupational health service. 

The website is available in three languages at: 

This week, vaccinations are also administered at Turku Fair Center on Ascension Day 13 May and Sunday 16 May. 

Clients of home care services will receive their 2nd dose through the home care services.  

Swimming facilities and gyms opened on 11 May 

Turku’s swimming facilities, gyms and the Samppalinna Outdoor Swimming Stadium opened on Tuesday 11 May with capacity restrictions and without the possibility to use saunas. Indoor sports facilities will not be opened yet for adult exercise activities.

Other restrictions regarding exercise facilities will continue at least until 30 May. 

The number of museum visitors to be increased from 11 May 

The Pharmacy Museum and the Qwensel House, the Biological Museum, Luostarinmäki, Turku Castle, WAM and Brinkkala Gallery are open to the public, but the number of visitors is limited. The number of museum visitors will be increased for each museum from 11 May onwards. 12–29-year-olds can visit the museums free of charge until 31 May 2021. All visitors need to book a timed slot for their visit in advance at

End-of-term celebrations of schools and educational institutions are organised with COVID-19 precautions 

End-of-term celebrations and graduations of upper secondary schools and other schools are organised without large gatherings and only for limited groups of students, provided that the safe distances can be maintained. Guardians, loved ones or other guests will not be invited. 

Infections and exposures in City of Turku facilities 

Early childhood education: Kerttulin päiväkoti, Päiväkoti Katariinan Vilske  

Schools and educational institutions: Hannunniityn koulu, Lausteen koulu, Aurajoki and Nummi units of Nummenpakan koulu, Puolalanmäen lukio