The change of library system for the Vaski libraries has been completed successfully. For library users, the online library looks almost as before. The system change enables the development of new services and provides savings to the library.

Log in to the online library

The new system is ready to be used:

  • You can return, check out and reserve material.
  • You can log in to the online library again.
  • Your old library card works in the new system.
  • Only one library card has been transferred to the new system. If you have had several cards, and have problems now, contact your library.
  • The due date has been postponed to 15.6. on all loans with a due date 11.5. or later.
  • Check your message settings in the online library: the reminder comes either as a letter or e-mail, no longer as a text message. Also the upcoming due date notice comes only once before the actual due date.
  • You can reset your PIN code in the online library if you have saved your e-mail with your contact details.
  • You can determine your own reservation identifier. You need it when you pick up reservations in the self-service shelf.
  • You can pause your reservations, for example during the holidays.
  • You can no longer borrow with an ID card only.

In case you have any problems, contact your library.

Changes to the online library:

  • The Customer info page has been updated.
  • The data protection descriptions have been updated.