Turussa todettiin viikolla 21 (24.–30.5.2021) 23 koronavirustartuntaa. Ilmaantuvuusluku on tällä hetkellä 41/100 000/14 vrk (1.6.2021). Tartunnanjäljitysprosentti on 91 %. Kevään torjuntatoimet ovat auttaneet hankalimman epidemiavaiheen yli.

- The covid-19 epidemic has calmed down further in Turku, which is a very good thing. The control measures have helped us past the very difficult phase in March-April, and in May, we have been able to lift some restrictions. Restrictions will continue to be lifted further, if the state of the epidemic continues to improve, says Jutta Peltoniemi, the responsible physician for infectious diseases. 

The Finland Proper coronavirus coordination team recommends that the region returns to the acceleration phase on Friday, 4 June, if the state of the epidemic remains good. The mask recommendation will remain in place, and safe distances will continue to be a recommendation.

Vaccinations available for 30–37-year-olds 

The first dose of vaccine has been given to 83,803 people in Turku (49.7% of the population) and two doses have been given to 20,842 people (12.4% of the population). 

The vaccine coverage for people over 80 is 91.4%, for 70-79-year-olds the coverage is 92.7%, for 60-69-year olds the coverage is 86% and for 50-59-year-olds, the coverage is 78-9%. Coverage for 40-49-year olds, the coverage is currently 54.8%. 

Over 39,000 locals have provided their contact details through otanrokotteen.turku.fi. Over 16,500 people that signed up for a vaccination through the website have received an appointment to receive their first dose. This week, vaccinations are provided to people from Turku who are 38 or older at the Turku Fair Center. This week, 30–37-year-olds will be given appointments for vaccinations.  

Everyone that lives in Turku and is over 18 years old can provide their contact information at otanrokotteen.turku.fi. Our robot, Leila, will provide an appointment, in random order, to everyone that entered their information at otanrokotteen.turku.fi in May-August. The order of sign-ups is not the order of vaccination; appointments will be given from the oldest age group to the youngest.  It is simple to remove your sign-up from the system, if you receive a vaccination from your workplace’s healthcare programme.  

The site is available in three languages at the following addresses: 

New THL guidelines on coronavirus vaccinations 

A grace period is no longer required with covid-19 vaccines or other vaccines, and all covid-19 vaccinations available in Finland can be given out at the same time as other vaccines in accordance with regular vaccination guidelines.  

The BioNTech-Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine is intended for people 16 years of age or older. The Moderna vaccine is intended for people 18 years of age or older. 

Studies on vaccinations on pregnant people and user experiences do not indicate a safety risk. A pregnant person can, therefore, take a covid-19 vaccine and be vaccinated in accordance with their age group. It is possible to take the second dose of the vaccine during pregnancy, if the first dose was taken before pregnancy. Maternity clinics will provide additional information.  

Supplementing covid-19 vaccinations from abroad 

If someone has received a first-dose covid-19 vaccine outside of Finland and the particular vaccine is used in Finland, the second dose of the same vaccine can be used.  

If someone has been given one dose of a vaccine and the type of vaccine is unknown, the second dose given in Finland will be the particular vaccine intended for the person’s age group 12 weeks after receiving their dose abroad.  

If someone has received a full set of vaccinations of a vaccine that is used in the EU, the person will have received their vaccination in full, and they will no longer require to be vaccinated in Finland. One dose of the Johnson&Johnson vaccine is sufficient. If someone has been given two doses of the Sputnik vaccine, their vaccination set is also complete. If someone has been given a full set of another vaccine that is not used in the EU, their situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

End of school year celebrations with covid precautions   

The school year in Turku’s primary and high schools ends on Saturday, 5 June 2021. Day-care and school spring celebrations, as well as graduation parties can be arranged with smaller groups and only for a limited number of children and young people, if it is possible to maintain safe distances. Guardians, family or other guests will not be invited.  

The City of Turku recommends following the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southwestern Finland’s restrictions on gatherings as well as the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare’s tips: Summer parties approaching - celebrate responsibly maintaining coronavirus protocols and following regional recommendations 

Sign-ups open for Adult Education Centre courses   

Sign-ups for Finnish-language courses at Turku Adult Education Centre began on Monday, 31 May at opistopalvelut.fi/turku. Sign-ups for Åbo Svenska Arbetarinstitut fall courses will begin on Wednesday, 11 August at 6 pm at aboarbis.fi.  

Specific summer hours, customer service lines as well as school year start dates shall be published on the Day-care and Education website at turku.fi/opetus
Up-to-date information on Turku’s covid-19 situation in summer and vaccination progress is available on our websites: