The summer time is full of things to see and experience in Biological Museum, Kylämäki Village, Luostarinmäki, Pharmacy Museum and the Qwensel House, Turku Castle and WAM.

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Visiting museums safely

  • Museum visitors are asked to please observe current coronavirus guidelines regarding safe distances and proper hand and coughing hygiene.
  • The use of face masks is recommended to all visitors.
  • Do not visit a museum if you have any cold or flu symptoms.



Biological Museum

Located in a beautiful Art Nouveau building dating back to 1907, the Biological Museum presents Finnish flora and fauna all the way from the Turku archipelago to the fells of Lapland.

  • Exhibition Treasures of the Sea in Biological museum
    Marine nature is a part of the national landscape of Finland, but what is this landscape like under the surface? The familiar sea can surprise us with its colourfulness and complexity, as long as you have the courage to peer under the surface.
  • 12 August Night of Animals at the Night of the Arts

Kylämäki Village

Kylämäki Village in Kurala is made up of four farms with buildings still standing at their original sites. The village has been inhabited since the 7th century. During summer in the Iso-Kohmo kitchen oven baked treats prepared to Grandma’s recipes are warming on the wood-burning stove. The lady of the house explains historical farm chores and gives useful tips on making juice and jam, as well as washing white laundry and pressing clothes.


The Luostarinmäki museum block is the only complete wooden building area that survived the Great Fire of Turku in 1827. The more than 200 year old buildings stand where they originally did, and the alleys, yards, and homes of the block form an unique environment in the middle of the city.

  • 19–22 August Handicraft Days

Pharmacy Museum and the Qwensel House

The Qwensel House is the oldest remaining wooden building in Turku, featuring a bourgeois home from the 18th century and a pharmacy from the 19th century under one roof. At the Qwensel House, you can explore this period of time in Turku and the life of the family of the most famous resident of the house, Joseph Pipping, the father of Finnish surgery. Th The Pharmacy Museum’s pharmacy shop houses the oldest remaining pharmacy interior in Finland, dating back to 1858.

  • A fifteen-minute guidnings at inner courtyard by the entrance
    4 Jun – 27 Aug Fridays at 2 pm.

Turku Castle

The stately Turku Castle has guarded the mouth of the Aura River since the late 13th century. The tall granite walls conceal unique moments from history within them. Over the course of its history, the castle has been defended and besieged, its governors changed and during Duke John’s era, the castle became a stage for court life.

  • Vanitas – An exhibition about youth, beauty, abundance and transience
    The exhibition evokes the old thought about the frivolity and trancience of all things beautiful and abundant, bringing it to the present day through history, touchingly close to people of today. The exhibition is a collection exhibition of Museum Centre of Turku, and it features the museum’s wonderful collections of items and works of art as well as treasures from the archives. In the exhibition, you will have the chance to peek at beautiful and fateful black and white studio photographs, bask in the glory of glistening gilded mirrors and see impressive outfits from various eras.
  • Guided tours in english
    14 June – 24 June every day at 12.15 and 4.15 pm 
    28 June – 29 August every day at 12.15 and 4.15 pm


  • Anu Pentik – In the Beginning There was a Seed 4 June –19 September
    The summer exhibition, Anu Pentik – In the beginning there was a seed, showcases Pentik’s latest artistic works. In this narrative exhibition planned for the museum’s premises, ceramics skilfully transform into everything from floating seeds to charred trees according to themes related to the life cycle.
  • WAMX
    Alia Farid: At the time of the Ebb 11 June – 15 August
    Mox Mäkelä: Strange 20 August –10 October